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Unlockable Images:
After you complete specific tasks within a single theme’s puzzles, a small image will appear (not necessarily related to the actual theme) on the top DS screen when accessing a level that has already been solved, or when solving a new puzzle in that theme for the first time.

Bonus Image 1 – Solve any 5 puzzles in a single theme.
Bonus Image 2 – Solve all 9 puzzles in a single theme in under the “average” number of moves.

Unlockable Themes:
Unlock the next set of 9 puzzles by solving any 5 puzzles under a specific theme:

ASTRAL – Solve 5 puzzles in SOMNI.
ATOM – Solve 5 puzzles in FALL.
FALL – Solve 5 puzzles in FUJI.
FOREST – Solve 5 puzzles in RIVER.
FUJI – Solve 5 puzzles in FOREST.
GLOOM – Solve 5 puzzles in MOTHER.
MOTHER – Solve 5 puzzles in ATOM.
OMEGA – Solve every puzzle in every previously unlocked theme in under the “average” number of moves.
RIVER – Solve 5 puzzles in SKY.
SHINE – Solve 5 puzzles in GLOOM.
SOMNI – Solve 5 puzzles in UNIVERSE.
UNIVERSE – Solve 5 puzzles in SHINE.

Unlockable Staff Credits:
Unlock different ending sequences by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: credits can be viewed any time from the title screen.

CREDITS – Solve at least 5 puzzles in every theme from SKY through UNIVERSE.
CREDITS 2 – Solve at least 5 puzzles in the themes SOMNI and ASTRAL.
CREDITS 3 – Solve every puzzle in every theme in under the “average” number of moves.

Relaxing Sights and Sounds easter egg:
Choose a theme and access any of the puzzles under it with no moving cores. After 1 minute, the music will change. After 5 minutes, all images on the screen other than the background animation will disappear. After 10 minutes, the music will change again to a relaxing theme (which is probably what the game’s description in the DSiWare shop is referring to). Note that not all themes follow this pattern, and the music for a couple themes will change again after 20 minutes of inactivity.

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