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General strategies:
-Build plenty of guard towers around your town and keep your hero in the back of the town for protection. Have tons of warriors; keep half of them in your village and send the others to destroy your enemy’s village.

-Get plenty of workers in groups of four to build and fully upgrade lots of towers around the outer edge of your camp. As you advance, build more towers and tear down the old ones to get half the materials back for reuse. This will give you more time to harvest and upgrade other buildings without having to purchase a huge army.

-Send Catapults, Archers, and Birds to do most of the work. Have them stay far enough away; they can take out enemy towers and other buildings undetected. This requires more time since a small amout of those units can gather without being detected.

-Make tons of Knights,Warriors, Archers, and Stone Throwers. Divide the Dinosaur Riders into three groups, and the Stone Throwers, Warriors, Archers, and Knights into two groups. Keep a group of Dinosaur Riders to defend your place. The next two groups of Dinosaur Riders should be kept for the fight of enemies. Have one group of the Warriors, Archers, Stone Throwers, and Knights to defend your place, and the other group to fight. For the three groups of Dinosaur Riders, have two groups for fighting and keep one group for defending. One of the fighting groups of Dinosaur Riders should be used for leading the enemy monsters away. For example, first take them around the enemy village and let all their fighters be taken away from their village. Then, take the group of fighters to attack the enemy’s village. You will win since all their fighters are lost somewhere else.

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