NDS Cheats

Big Brain Academy Cheats

Big Brain medals (Practice mode):
Unlock the following medals in Practice mode by scoring the corresponding amount of grams:

Bronze Medal – 50 grams
Silver Medal – 150 grams
Gold Medal – 250 grams
Platinum Medal – 350 to 400 grams?

Earn the indicated rank by scoring the corresponding number of grams:

Ace: 2,000 to 2,299 grams
King: 2,300 grams or more

Super Mario Bros. easter eggs:
-During the Get In Shape mini-game, there is a picture formed by the shapes that looks like thee Fire Flower from the Super Mario Bros. series.

-During the Missing Link mini-game under hard mode in practice, you will eventually see a picture of a circle with the letter “M” in the middle just like on Mario’s hat.

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