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Blackwell Deception Cheats

Steam achievements:
Back from Beyond – Come back from the void
Blowey Mallone – Use Joey’s breath ability on at least 10 people
Bullet Dodger – Escape the yacht with only getting shot once
Button Pusher – Open the secret compartment on the first try
Check out the Competition – Visit another psychic
Dumpster Diver – Find a lost item
Face Plant – Abuse an innocent
Geromino! – Save a ghost… and yourself
Ghosts of the Past – Find all the references to previous games in Rosa’s apartment
Key Snatcher – Sometimes you’ve gotta rob a few old ladies…
Listen Closely, Now – Finish the game in commentary mode
Medium Well Done – Complete the game once
Music Lover – Find Jamie’s favorite song
Out of Sight – Get out of a sticky situation
Still Got It – Not bad, for a dead guy
Take my Card – Use Rosa’s business card for an unintended purpose
Teamwork – Use both Rosa and Joey to solve a puzzle
Unbound – Free Rosa

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