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Bloody Good Time Cheats

Steam achievements:
Award Winning Scene – Commit a perfect murder (boast, 5 star kill, humiliate).
Character Actor – Finish a match as each character.
Director?s Darling – Win a match on each level.
First Blood – Commit your first murder.
Hogging the Limelight – During a Scene Stealer scene, hold onto the statue for 60 seconds without being killed.
Last Moment Upset – During an Infected scene, pass on your infection in the final 5 seconds and end the round clean.
Rising Star – Earn 200 Stars in your career.
Screen Legend – Win a match without being killed.
Superstar – Earn 2000 Stars in your career.
The Great Escapist – Escape from Security with a 10 Star fine.
Untouchable – During a Hunt the Leader scene, survive the whole round as the Leader without being killed.
V for Vindictive – During a Hunt or Elimination scene, kill your Hunter 3 times in a single round.

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