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Call of Duty 3 Cheats

Night Drop mission: Easy completion:
When you meet up with the French rebels you will have a choice to go left to the Flak 88s or go through the house to the right. Go left to the guns. Kill all the Nazis around the gun and in the ditch leading to the next gun. Then, blow up the 88 and move on to the rest of the guns. After you blow up all the guns you will reach the house that you would have had to take if you went right. When you go in the house you must defeat a Nazi that is standing there waiting for you. Kill all the enemies in the house and fall through the burning floor. You will see you allies there waiting for you.

The Island mission: Best gun early:
On the second mission, “The Island”, there will be a man under the second bridge with a FG42 scoped. That gun will get more ammunition every time you kill someone. The gun starts with 96 ammo remaining and you can kill about 150 people with it (not including melee). After completing that mission you will have that gun on the third mission, but you must save the gun through the third mission to get it in the fourth mission and so on.

The Mace mission: Scoped FG42:
When you get to the part where you must keep the Nazis from the trenches, do not listen to the men. Go to the right and follow the path. You will find an FG42 scoped leaning on a crate.

Saint Lo mission: Capturing the church:
In Chapter 1 (Saint Lo), to capture the church you must kill all of the Nazi soldiers (while hiding behind walls etc.). It is best to use the Thompson gun in your arsenal. Once you have killed all of the Nazis in sight, go up to the church and throw two or three smoke bombs in it. After that, throw two grenades in the church while the smoke is still active. Once you have done that, you will be able to go to your destination, capture the church, and be able to move on.

Multi-player mode: Avoid being seen:
When playing in multi-player mode, you can avoid being seen by going into the tall grass. Keep moving back and forth because the enemy can see you because of the red hash marks.

Moving friendlies:

In order to move your friendlies, use ADS and aim at them. Then, press fire. Do not worry, as you cannot shoot at a friendly. Your friendly should move from his location. This is useful when you are trying to enter an area blocked by a friendly.

When sniping, get into a nook or cranny or other some small place where you can either crouch or go prone. You should also try to get a good view on your targets. Tall grass is also a great idea, or even better, an area where people will not realize you are there (for example, camping on the enemy’s spawn point). When sniping on a very tricky target, or if you do not want to be seen, try your best to pull out your pistol and use your binoculars to spot your target. It is interesting how much less obvious your position is if you use your binoculars. Although many people will debate this, do not take any more shots than you need to. If possible, try to take them out in one shot. Do not shoot unless you are sure that you can kill them without one of their friends recognizing your position.

Getting more ammo:
If you particularly like a specific weapon from your faction, such as the M1 Garand or Bren, use the following trick to get more ammunition. Find a character on your team that is not an unkillable character (for example, Sgt. Dixon, or Lt. Robiechaud) and melee them. More often than not, the game will not fail the mission. Pick up the ammunition and continue the fight.

Enter invisible building outline:
Note: This trick only works when playing an online match. Find a game that is playing at Eder Dam online. Go to where all the sheds are located and the Allies regularly start CTF games. There will also be a jeep respawn and boxes out in front of the sheds. Go down to the edge of the map where there should be a broken bridge and more sheds. Take the motorcycle that is near a fence and the broken bridge. Get onto the motorcycle in the driver’s side and drive up to the part of the shed on the left when facing down the hill. After that, drive into that open part of shed. Accelerate while turning into the top left corner. Following this, continue accelerating and turning, but while doing this exit the vehicle. If done correctly, you should have entered a see-through chamber which is not meant to be entered. You can see 360 degrees around and it should be clear. Note: There is also a window frame here, and if you walk up to it until you cannot continue further, you should be pointing the barrel of your gun out and can shoot at enemies walking by. They will not be able to see you through the solid outside. It is also recommended that you take in either a support or anti-armor class so that you can resupply yourself with ammo. You cannot exit the chamber. You must either respawn or kill yourself to exit This also works in many other nooks and corners in the online games, but only in the maps that have motorcycles in them.

Poisson: Sniping position:
At the Poisson map, there is a barn or house behind a Nazi Tiger Tank spawn. This part of the map is the part where the Nazis generally respawn. Go in and there should be a ladder. Climb the ladder, then walk over to the window in the front. To your left should be some boxes. Back up. Get prone and crawl up to the corner on the left side of the boxes. Crawl until you cannot move further. Then, stand up. If done correctly you should be apparently on top of the roof. Although you cannot move, you will have a great sniping position. If you prone again you will be back inside the house. You will also have a great view on the little town area and the road to the right that leads up to the house that is next to the other Tiger spawn point.

Poisson: Walk through roof:
Create an online game in Poisson. Near the barn, next to one of the truck respawns, there is a flaming building. Get on the second floor by climbing the stairs. When you are up the stairs, turn around and you will see a small side room. Go in the room. The wall is partially destroyed and on fire. Notice that on the wall you can climb to the third floor. Slowly and carefully get on the edge of the second floor and jump up on the wall. Jump again, then once again. You can now access the third floor of the flaming building. You can walk through the roof, giving you a good view of the area around the fountain.

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