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Civilization 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during game play:

Update throne room – Q
New council attitude and time – [Ctrl] [Shift] T
Edit unit, except for type – [Ctrl] [Shift] U

Control opponent city:
Press V, move diagonally into an opponent’s city, and press [Enter]. The city’s productivity may be altered or units disbanded. Alternately, hold [Shift], type 123456, release [Shift], then press T.

Easy city capture:
Place the white blinking box over the city, go to the cheat menu, and click on “Destroy All Units At Cursor”. This will destroy the units in the city.

Send in the battle unit with the highest defense first and have it to fortify. Next, send in the battle unit with the highest offense (attack), to the same location with the other unit. Send in a settler/engineer to build a fortress in the same location as those units. Find the unit with the highest attack, then use it to attack the city while the other unit (with the highest defense) defend in case of an attack from the enemy. Note: Do not unfortify the defense unit until you have taken over the city you are trying to conquer.

Easy money:
Enable the cheat menu and select the “Change Money” option. Enter “9” as many times as possible and you will get 30,000 in gold.

Huge war:
Start the map editor and create a small island. Put in as many civilizations as possible. A huge war will begin.

How to destroy other civilizations:
First get spies and have the ability to plant a nuclear device. You also need to build the United Nations (or get it from the enemy). Send a spy into your foe’s city and plant a nuclear device or subvert the city. The enemy will eventually attack you. To prevent this, try to contact the enemy that you attacked, if you have the chance. If not, the enemy will eventually contact you. They will be forced to sign a peace treaty. When the treaty is signed, simply attack the enemy again. Continue this process to destroy annoying civilizations.

Protect cities:
Enable cheat mode, then press [Shift] [F8]. Start placing Fortresses around your city until it is surrounded. You can place mechanized infantry on every Fortress and fortify them. Your city will be virtually invulnerable.

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