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Cricket 07 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Highlight, but do not select, the “My Cricket” option at the main menu with the mouse pointer, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Esc] to pause game play and re-enter the code to disable it.

Super batsman – rkobat
Super Six – rkosix
Super bowler – rkopowerbowl
Flying fielder – rkofly
Special deliveries – rkosd
All rk code effects – rkoall
Super Batsman – yousaf
You play Supersix – afridi
You play Super Four – salman
You have super bowlers – wasim
You bowl superballs – waqar
You have super fielders – rhodes
Your bowlers have full stamina – asif
Your batsmen have full stamina – inzamam
Your bowler bowls with super speed – akhter
Empire does not give noball despite
how much your bowlers speed meter reaches in the red – haier
Fielders have some enough flying abilities to catch the bowl.
With auto fielding, press [Shift] to fly the fielder chasing the ball – malik
Your bowler always has all special deliveries – gul
Your bowlers bowl with magic moves – saqlain
Faster runners – razzaq

Ashes 05 movies:
Complete all objectives in the 05 Ashes scenarios under any difficulty. There is a set for England and a set for Australia.

Easy outs:
You can make batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery).

To get batsman out, just bowl a short pitched delivery with a medium pacer (Ganguly, Ponting) and keep the speed at not more than two or three lines. Keep the bowl in line with wickets. The batsman will eventually get bold or LBW.

To get a batsman out easily, choose a spinner. Place a fielder at short fine leg and bowl Yorkers at the legs of the batsman. When the batsman hits it the ball, it will go straight to the short fine leg fielder.

You can do this trick with any type of bowler. If the batsman is right-handed, bowl from the left. Set the bounce of the ball to be set on the batsman’s feet. When the batsman hits the ball, he can either push the ball to the fine leg; defense the ball; or hit the ball and the balls get to the square-leg fielder and is considered out for a catch. Do not put the ball towards the middle-stump of the batsman. If you will do this, he will hit a six.

Set a fielder to the deep-extra cover or set the fielding “Open 1”. With any bowler except for a spin bowler, set the bounce of the bowl out of the off stump. For example, it should a wide ball towards the off side. The batsman will hit it towards to the cover side or it will be missed by the batsman and will be given a wide. If he hits the ball towards the covers, then the fielder will catch it or it can go for a six.

In a test match, bowl from over the wicket to a left-handed batsman from far to the bat. The batsman will give a catch to forward shortleg or wicketkeeper.

Use India. Bowl at just the right side of the wide marker, and pitch it near the crease. It will be edged and caught by slip or wicket keeper.

While playing a One Day Match, set the field as Open 1 then take a good leg spinner (for example, Afridi, Mendis, etc.). Bowl over the wicket to right and round the wicket to a left-handed batsman. To a right-handed batsmen, bowl a Googly at a full length very much outside off stump. Spin it as much as possible and the batsman will try to loft it for six through covers. Your fielder will catch it very easily. If you have a situation where the other team requires even two runs to win from even ten overs, take any type of spinner and bowl it straight into the feet of the keeper. Note: Do not bowl straight or arm deliveries. No run will be scored and on some deliveries, the batsmen will get out.

While playing a test match, bowl two overs first with fast bowlers a bit outside off stump and full. You will see the edge going straight into the slip’s or keeper’s hands. While having spinners on, try to play mostly leg spinners. Have the field set as Aggressive 2. Bowl an off spinner by a leg spin bowler a bit on the off side. The batsmen will get caught by silly point fielders as well as short leg fielders.

Always keep your ball on the full leg stump. Place your fielder on leg side. When the batsman tries to flick it will be caught by the fielder.

With a fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do.

With a fast-medium bowler, bowl an out swinger or straight delivery at or near the leg of the batsman (not on the off side).With a fast bowler, bowl a leg-cutter on the off-side of the batsman. Keep a slip ready. Note: Those directions are for a right-handed batsman. Use the reverse if the batsman is left-handed.

If you want to take wickets early, select a medium fast bowler and bowl the ball near the batsman’s foot or bowl a Yorker. The batsman will either be bowled, caught, or score only 1 run.

Have a fast bowler (for example, Shoaib Akhter) and bowl from round the wicket. First, decrease the batsman’s strength by putting bounce. Then have a York bowl at the batsman’s feet with a full speed bowl. The batsman will try to hit six but a good Yorker will bowl him out.

Even if you fail to score big runs, you can win by means of tight bowling. Create all rounders with full batting and bowling abilities (all 100). Create some of them as fast bowlers, some as medium fast, some as medium, leg spin and off spin. When playing in a dry or dusty pitch type (mainly in the sub continent), use leg spinner for a right-handed batsman, and off spinner for a left-handed batsman. Place a fielder on the deep fine leg (or use open 7). Bowl from round the wicket (for a right-handed bowler). Place the bowl in front of the shoe of the batsman and apply legspin (for off spinner use offspin for a left-handed batsman). If you are playing one day cricket, most of the time batsman will get bowled or get caught by the fielder in the deep fine leg. Do the same thing when the pitch type is wet, damp, or grassy, but use a fast bowler instead.

Choose a spin bowler and place the bowling marker behind the stumps. The batsmen will not score runs. If he tries to score he will get out.

Use the following trick if you are having problems taking wickets. If playing as India, use Harbhajan Singh in the mid overs (25-30) and bowl the special delivery with W. Place the target directly behind the stumps. Add no pace to the delivery but with full turn, and the ball will fly over the batsman and he will get clean bowled. This does not always work.

Select a medium fast bowler and put the bowl marker on the middle stumps the batsman has bowled.

Use the following trick to get the batsman out with leg spin bowler. Make use of the flipper and zooter. With zooter, bowl the ball exactly on the legside with full speed. With flipper, bowl just before the speed increases on the foot around the stumps.

To take wicket easily against a right-handed batsman, take a right armed fast bowler and put a Yorker on his leg. Deliver it at a high speed.

With India, choose Z.Kalm. Bowl from the leg side of the batsman. Choose out swinger. Bowl just before the leg of the batsman. He will end up bowled.

Use the following trick if you have problems taking wickets. Take any fast bowler and pitch the bowl far from batsman and front of the pitch. Also try a slower delivery.

Easy sixes:
Play in New Zealand’s stadiums (specially Auckland). The grounds are small and it is easier to hit sixes there than anywhere else.

Play Straight and hit the Six hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or else see your stump flying towards the keeper.

Hit as many as Leg-Square or Straight drives by pressing [Boost Shot]. It will go for six.

To hit sixes in five star game without getting out, move the batsman’s foot at the middle wicket (only the leg stump full should be visible). Press [Advance Shot] with [Boost Shot] to the leg side. If timed correctly, it will go for six.

In the PC version, while playing shot, alternately press [Shift] W and [Shift] S. You should notice that your batsman always hits six.

In the PC version, make an entire team of fully created players with their abilities set to full. There should be six batsman and five bowlers of any type. Select the option for batsman timing gauge, then play. You can hit sixes by pressing [Shift] S [Down] [Right] or [Shift] S [Down] for a right-handed batsman and vice versa for a left-handed batsman. Do not use [Shift] S [Down] [Right] when the ball is full in the offstump or it may get behind the bat and knock the stump. Play straight drive, [Shift] [down] when the ball is full.

Easy wins:
Save the game after every over is finished at the main menu. If you have lost a wicket in the previous over, quit the game and load the game by using the “Load” at the main menu.

Use the following trick to wicket easily in ODI or T20. Select the Pakistani team and play. Try to take bowl first. Bowl with Shoaib Akhtar and M. Sami. If the batsman is right-handed, bowl from other side. Put the blue ring in the batsman foot and move the ball in stumps. The batsman will try to hit the ball and will be bowled.

Select the teams, then start the game. However, choose to play as the win you want to lose against the team you want to win. During the game, do not make a single run. Leave the stumps and let the bowler bowl you out. Allow your opponent to get one run. When you start bowling, press [Esc] and choose the “Reassign Controller” option. Select the other team to finish the game.

Avoiding noballs:
While placing a foot over noball, quickly v and the umpire will not give a noball.

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