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Steam achievements:
Airport – Finish the map Airport.
Amorer – Upgrade the assault rifle to the max in the campaign.
Arsenal – Purchase all weapons in the campaign.
Award Winner – Bonus multiplier reached 10.
Depot – Finish the map Depot.
Don’t get hurt! – Bonus multiplier reached 50.
Easy – Finish the campaign in Easy.
Elite Killer – Bonus multiplier reached 100.
Expert – Kill 5000 mutants.
Factory – Finish the map Factory.
Grenadier – Purchase all grenade types in the campaign.
Harbor – Finish the map Harbor.
Hard – Finish the campaign in Hard.
Highway – Finish the map Highway.
Immortal – Finish one mission in difficulty hard without being killed.
Insane! – Finish the campaign in Insane.
Junk Yard – Finish the map Junk Yard.
Military Base – Finish the map Military Base.
Normal – Finish the campaign in Normal.
Rip – Died 10x.
Rookie – Kill 10 mutants.
Self-made Millionaire – Pickup 21 money packs.
Skilled – Kill 1000 mutants.
Specialist – Kill 10000 mutants.
Speedrun – Finish a mission in less than 12 minutes.
Stay lying down – Died 50x.
Town – Finish the map Town.
Village – Finish the map Village.

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