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Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (New Play Control!) Cheats

Unlockable Cups:
Complete the following cups on the specified difficulties to unlock the corresponding cups:

Diamond Cup – Beat the Sapphire Cup on Rookie.
Platinum Cup – Beat the Diamond Cup on Rookie.
Sapphire Cup – Beat the Topaz Cup on Rookie.
Selection Cup – Beat the Diamond Cup on the Rookie.

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cranky Kong – Beat Cranky Kong in Candy’s Requests, Level 3, Mission 24.
Funky Kong – Win the Diamond Grand Prix on Rookie.
King K. Rool – Beat King K. Rool in Candy’s Requests, Level 4, Mission 31.
Klump – Beat Level 2, Mission 16.
Lanky Kong – Win the Topaz Grand Prix on Rookie.
Tiny Kong – Win the Sapphire Grand Prix on Rookie.
Wrinkly Kong – Allow Wrinkly Kong to finish 1st on Level 4, Mission 26.
Ultra Barrel DK – Beat all of Candy Kong’s challenges. Then, hold Z on the nunchuk and select Donkey Kong to play with him.
Play as Kludge – Win the Diamond Cup as the Kritter.
Play as Kopter – Win the Topaz Cup as the Kritter.

Unlockable Difficulties:
To unlock Pro difficulty, win the Sapphire Cup on Rookie.
To unlock Expert Difficulty, win a Platinum Cup on Pro Difficulty.

Starting Boost:
To get a boost at the start of the race, swing down both Wii-motes at the same time when the timer hits zero.

Unlocking characters hint:
Generally, when you’re unlocking characters by playing a “cup” challenge, you can tell the type of character you will unlock. If you play as a “Kong” character (like Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong), you will unlock a similar character, while if you play as a Kremling (like Kritter or Kip), you will unlock a Kremling-like character.

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