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Doom 3 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl] [Alt] ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Unknown – _attack
Unknown – _back
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button0
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button1
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button2
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button3
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button4
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button5
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button6
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there – _button7
Unknown – aas_goalArea
Unknown – aas_pullPlayer
Unknown – aas_randomPullPlayer
Unknown – aas_showAreas
Unknown – aas_showFlyPath
Unknown – aas_showHideArea
Unknown – aas_showPath
Unknown – aas_showPushIntoArea
Unknown – aas_showWallEdges
Unknown – aas_test
Unknown – aasstats
Show AAS stats – aasStats
Unknown – addarrow
Adds debug arrow – addarrow
Core to game chat lines – addChatLine
Unknown – addline
Add debug line – addline
Scale contact friction – af_contactFrictionScale
Force the given friction value – af_forceFriction
Name of the body to highlight – af_highlightBody
Name of the constraint to highlight – af_highlightConstraint
Scale the joint friction – af_jointFrictionScale
Maximum angular velocity – af_maxAngularVelocity:
Maximum linear velocity – af_maxLinearVelocity
Show structures of articulated figures not at rest – af_showActive
Show bodies – af_showBodies
Show body names – af_showBodyNames
Show two bodies constrained by the highlighted constraint – af_showConstrainedBodies
Show constraint names – af_showConstraintNames
Show constraints – af_showConstraints
Show the inertia tensor of each body – af_showInertia
Show joint limits – af_showLimits
Show mass of each body – af_showMass
Show primary constraints only – af_showPrimaryOnly
Show articulated figure CPU usage – af_showTimings
Show the total mass of each articulated figure – af_showTotalMass
Show tree-like structures – af_showTrees
Show velocity of each body – af_showVelocity
Skip friction – af_skipFriction
Skip joint limits – af_skipLimits
Skip self collision detection – af_skipSelfCollision
Test for bodies initially stuck in solid – af_testSolid
Scale time – af_timeScale
Use impulse-based contact friction – af_useImpulseFriction
Use impulse-based joint friction – af_useJointImpulseFriction
Use linear time algorithm for tree-like structures – af_useLinearTime
Use constraint matrix symmetry – af_useSymmetry
Enable blocked fail safe handling – ai_blockedFailSafe
Draw movement information for monsters – ai_debugMove
Display script calls for the specified monster entity number – ai_debugScript
Draw trajectory tests for monsters – ai_debugTrajectory
Draw attack cones for monsters – ai_showCombatNodes
Draw obstacle avoidance information for monsters. – ai_showObstacleAvoidance 1
Draw obstacle avoidance information for monsters and player – ai_showObstacleAvoidance 2
Draw path_* entities – ai_showPaths:
Unknown – ai_testPredictPath
Write .AVI for a command demo – aviCmdDemo
Save demo in .AVI format – avidemo
Write .AVI for a demo – aviDemo
Write .AVI for the current game – aviGame
Game benchmark – benchmark
Benchmark – benchmark
Bind command to a key – bind
Unknown – bindlist
Bind ragdoll at the current drag position – bindRagdoll
Bind a key, but unbinds it first if there are more than two binds – bindunbindtwo
Unknown – blinkline
Blink a debug line – blinkline
Unknown – centerview
Center view – centerview
Check if new version of the game is available – checkNewVersion
Unknown – clear
Clear the console – clear
Unknown – clearlights
Clear all lights – clearLights
Drop current weapon – clientDropWeapon
In-game GUI message mode – clientMessageMode
Voice chats – clientVoiceChat
Unknown – clientVoiceChat
Unknown – clientVoiceChat
Team voice chats – clientVoiceChatTeam
Close the view showing any notes for this map – closeViewNotes
Cull back facing polygons – cm_backFaceCul
Debug collision detection – cm_debugCollision
Color used to draw the collision models – cm_drawColor
Draw filled polygons – cm_drawFilled
Draw internal edges green – cm_drawInternal
Collision mask – cm_drawMask
Draw polygon and edge normals – cm_drawNormals
Unknown – cm_testAngle
Unknown – cm_testBox
Unknown – cm_testBoxRotation
Unknown – cm_testCollision
Unknown – cm_testLength
Unknown – cm_testModel
Unknown – cm_testOrigin
Unknown – cm_testRadius
Unknown – cm_testRandomMany
Unknown – cm_testReset
Unknown – cm_testRotation
Unknown – cm_testTimes
Unknown – cm_testWalk
Unknown – collisionmodelinfo
Show collision model info – collisionModelInfo
Use ~ to toggle console – com_allowConsole
Sample input from the async thread – com_asyncInput
Mix sound from the async thread – com_asyncSound
Unknown – com_aviDemoHeight
Unknown – com_aviDemoSamples
Unknown – com_aviDemoTics
Unknown – com_aviDemoWidth
Unknown – com_compressDemos
Compress saved games – com_compressSaveGame
Unknown – com_fixedTic
Force generic platform independent SIMD – com_forceGenericSIMD
Unknown – com_guid
Record journal – com_journal 1
Play back journal – com_journal 2
Unknown – com_logDemos
Set hardware classification to – com_machineSpec
Set hardware classification to not detected, – com_machineSpec -1
Set hardware classification to low quality, – com_machineSpec 0
Set hardware classification to medium quality, – com_machineSpec 1
Set hardware classification to high quality, – com_machineSpec 2
Set hardware classification to ultra quality – com_machineSpec 3
Make a build – com_makingBuild 1
Marker for memory stats – com_memoryMarker
Unknown – com_minTics
Run one game tick every async thread update – com_preciseTic
Unknown – com_preloadDemos
Purge everything between level loads – com_purgeAll
Unknown – com_showAngles
Show async network stats – com_showAsyncStats
Unknown – com_showDemo
Show frame rate – com_showFPS
Show framerate – com_showfps 1
Show total and per frame memory usage – com_showMemoryUsage
Show sound decoders – com_showSoundDecoders
Unknown – com_showTics
Unknown – com_skipGameDraw
Skip the renderer completely – com_skipRenderer
Show engine timings – com_speeds
Print time in milliseconds with each console print – com_timestampPrints 1
Print time in seconds with each console print – com_timestampPrints 2
Update the load size after loading a map – com_updateLoadSize
Hold last amount of detected video RAM – com_videoRam
Unknown – com_wipeSeconds
Unknown – combinecubeimages
Combine six images for roq compression – combineCubeImages
Unknown – compressdemo
Compress a demo file – compressDemo
Print on the console but not onscreen when console is displayed – con_noPrint
Time messages displayed when console is displayed – con_notifyTime
Speed at which the console moves – con_speed
Unknown – condump
Dump the console text to a file – conDump
Unknown – connect
Connect to a server – connect
Crashes game – crash
Crash game – crash
Unknown – cvar_restart
Restart the cvar system – cvar_restart
Unknown – cvarlist
Apply damage to an entity – damage
Launch script debugger – debugger
Print parses – decl_show 1
Print parses and references developer – decl_show 2
Delete selected entity – deleteSelected
Hold [Enter] to zoom view – demoshot
Save screenshot for a demo – demoShot
Load a map in developer mode – devmap
List a folder – dir
List a folder with sub-folders – dirtree
Unknown – dirtyfeet
Disassembles script – disasmScript
Disables connection for current multi-player game – disconnect
Disconnect from a game – disconnect
Compile map – dmap
Skip to last level – doomhell
Print indicated text – echo
Launch in-game Articulated Figure Editor – editAFs
Launch in-game Declaration Editor – editDecls
Launch GUI Editor – editGUIs
Change lighting – editlight
Launch in-game Light Editor – editLights
Open the in-game editor – editor
Launch level editor Radiant – editor
Launch in-game Particle Editor – editParticles
Launch in-game PDA Editor – editPDAs
Launch in-game Script Editor – editScripts
Change sounds in editor area – editsounds
launch in-game Sound Editor – editSounds
Unknown – EntityPlacement
Unknown – envshot
Take an environment shot – envshot
Unknown – error
Cause an error – error
Unknown – exec
Execute a config file – exec
Execute appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec – execMachineSpec
Enable multi-player voice command keys – exec mp_vchat
Exit game – exit
Exit command demo – exitCmdDemo
Unknown – exportmodels
Export models – exportmodels
Unknown – fillrate
Finish the build process – finishBuild
Unknown – flashlight
Unknown – focussoundseditor
Freeze everything on screen – freeze
Freeze game for indicated number of seconds – freeze
Unknown – fs_basepath
Unknown – fs_caseSensitiveOS
Unknown – fs_cdpath
Unknown – fs_copyfiles
Unknown – fs_debug
Unknown – fs_devpath
Unknown – fs_game
Unknown – fs_restrict
Unknown – fs_savepath
Armor takes this percentage of damage – g_armorProtection
Armor takes this percentage of damage in MP – g_armorProtectionMP
Maintain even teams – g_balanceTDM
Unknown – g_blobSize
Unknown – g_blobTime
Show blood splats, sprays, and gibs – g_bloodEffects
Skip updating entities not marked ‘cinematic’ ‘1’ during cinematics – g_cinematic
Set seconds to allow game to run when skipping cinematic – g_cinematicMaxSkipTime
Pregame countdown in seconds – g_countDown
Scale final damage on player by this factor – g_damageScale
Display information on which animations are playing on specified entity; -1 disables – g_debugAnim
Check for models with bounds over 2048 – g_debugBounds
Unknown – g_debugCinematic
Unknown – g_debugDamage
Unknown – g_debugMove
Unknown – g_debugMover
Unknown – g_debugScript
Unknown – g_debugTriggers
Unknown – g_debugWeapon
Show decals (bullet holes, etc.) – g_decals
Disassemble script into base/script disasm.txt when script is compiled – g_disasm
Show double vision when taking damage – g_doubleVision
Unknown – g_dragDamping
Allow dragging physics objects around by placing the crosshair over them and holding [Fire] – g_dragEntity
Unknown – g_dragShowSelection
Unknown – g_dropItemRotation
Unknown – g_dvAmplitude
Unknown – g_dvFrequency
Unknown – g_dvTime
Edit entity mode; 0 = off, 1 = lights, 2 = sounds, 3 = articulated figures, 4 = particle systems, 5 = monsters, 6 = entity names, 7 = entity models. – g_editEntityMode

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