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Dragon Quest IV: Chapters Of The Chosen Cheats

Unlockable World Map Music:
To unlock the following world map music, have all eight characters join your party after defeating the Marquis de L?on in Chapter 5. Then, have the corresponding character placements in your party:

Chapter 1 World Map music – Ragnar at front of party
Chapter 2 World Map music – Alena, Kiryl, or Borya at front of party
Chapter 3 World Map music – Torneko at front of party
Chapter 4 Battle Music – Meena and Maya at front of party
Chapter 4 World Map Music – Meena or Maya at front of party
Chapter 5 Starting World Map Music – Hero at front of the party with one or more characters
Chapter 5 Ending World Map Music – Only hero in the party
Psaro’s Theme – Psaro at front of the party in Chapter 6?

Easy experience on Chapter 2:
-On Chapter 2, you will encounter two enemies that aren’t worth an exceptional amount of experience (or gold) but have tendencies that lend themselves well to gaining easy experience. The first enemy you will encounter is a Lickspittle which always call for help if there is an empty slot in their ranks. If you have a character like Alena, attack while your two other characters defend each turn during the fight. Keep killing only one and letting the Lickspittle remaining call for another one. The more you kill in a single round, the more experience and gold you earn. The other enemy is the Firespirit, which has high evasion and is therefore difficult to hit with physical attacks. When you miss an attack on a Firespirit, they’ll occasionally split and another one will appear. This requires luck but, if you keep missing (and resist using any spells, since they will hit them), you will be able to spawn them repeatedly. Just as with the Lickspittle, the more you fight in a single battle, the more experience and gold you earn.

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