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Elder Scrolls, The: Chapter 2 – Daggerfall Cheats

Enable cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “z.cfg” file in the “daggerfall” directory. Add the line cheatmode 1 to the file.

God mode:
Press [Ctrl] [F4] while in a dungeon to toggle God mode.

Return to last position:
Press [Alt] [F11] to return to the last location where your character was standing. Press this key combination several times if your character falls into a pit.

Activate all maps:
Press [Ctrl] [F1].

5000 gold:
Press [Ctrl] [F9].

Create a directory named “pics” in the “dagger” directory. Press to save up to ten screenshots.

Cycle through quest locations:
Press [Left Bracket] or [Right Bracket].

Increase reputation:
Press [Minus] to increase your reputation in all skills by 5.

Increase stats:
Press [Plus] to increase all stats by 1.

Increase stats (alternate):
Press [F5] to display the stats screen. Click on a stat and position the mouse to where the bonus point icon usually appears. Click where the up arrow usually appears to add up to six points to the selected stat. Exit the screen and repeat this procedure to add more points. Note: This code may only be enabled on the original version of the game.

Travel six times faster:
Press 1.

Easy spells:
Type $ as the first character of a spell name to only expend 25% of normal when casting. Type ! as the first character of a spell name to expend 0% of normal, but with a limit of casting the spell only once a day.

Repair magic items:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “z.cfg” file in the “daggerfall” directory. Add the line magicrepair 1 to the file.

Rob store:
Enter a store and wait until it closes. The shop keeper should disappear. Examine the shelves to remove the items.

Easy money:
Go to a country where you never go to. Go to any bank in that country and borrow 250,000 coins. Then, go to another bank in a different country and repeat. If you go to that country again and want to repeat this, you must repay the 275,000 coins to get another 250,000 coins.

Break into a pawn shop or an armory or weapon smith and steal all the items. Place them on the ground or in your cart. Leave the shop, smith, or armory then reenter and repeat. Note: Do not drop the items if you do not intend to loiter. If you intend to go to an inn, your boat or house and sleep, do not expect to see your dropped items.

Steal and sell:
Enter a store and wait until night. When it is night, and the shop keeper is still there, examine the shelves to check what is in the store. To steal an item, make sure the side screen has the “Equip” option. Choose the desired items and equip them. Then, approach the store keeper and click on him. This allows you to sell the items that were just stolen without being arrested.

Gain reputation:
If you plead “not guilty” and lie, you may gain reputation. It is possible to go from common citizen to respected just by committing murder and lying about it.

Free Daedric items:
There is a way to get free Daedric armor at the price of numerous guards. Any tavern that has an upstairs with twenty beds with chests at the end in a single room can give any piece of Daedric armor or weapons. A few towns have them all over the Illiac Bay. When you find a tavern that has this kind of upstairs, save the game in the room and reload it. Check all the chests regardless if they want to know if you will go through private property. You may want to make a recall anchor outside the tavern if you do not wish to fight many guards. Note: This may not always work in every tavern. Make sure to save the game before checking the chests.

High-paying quests early on:
See Lord K’avar, Castle Sentinel, in the first door to the right. It is a little appreciated fact that his quests pay a lot better than others. At level 2, when the guilds or the average noble pay barely a hundred, he might give you sixteen hundred; at higher levels, several thousand. Besides, there is always a small stash at his place, on the floor of the small chamber opposite his mistress, Rholp-e (who will speak only to women); and his rooms are far away enough from the guards for you to rest there. Unfortunately, reputation in Sentinel is a strange thing. You can get it high without ever setting foot there, yet the people in court might still refuse even to talk to you. And you might have a high reputation with Lord K’avar and still not get a job from him. In this case, do a few quests for Lord Vhosek, the tall man in black in the great hall.

Gothway Garden:
This small town south of the starting place, Privateer’s Hold, is like seeing Las Vegas for the first time to new players. It takes care of those useless weapons you do not want, has a few temples and guilds for fighters and mages, and is possibly the only town with a bank that is not walled. The Fighter’s Guild is great for getting a few levels from their somewhat easy quests. Taking a few menial quests (not the harder quests that take time) will help you kill easy opponents with spells for mages, archers, or the basic slice ‘n dice warrior. The Mages’ Guild of Gothway Garden is of the second best variety (“better appointed than many”). Spells you can buy here include Buoyancy (best spell for training just any school of magic), Stamina (good for training Restoration), Open and Sleep (needed for some Mages’ Guild quests), Heal, and the indispensible Recall. Also if you still have some money remaining after that, the Bank of Daggerfall will take care of it for you.

Best paying pawnbroker:
Bubyrydata is a largish, but not walled town in the far east of the Alik’r desert, at the foot of the Dragontail Mountains. Perore’s General Pawnbrokers pay the best prices in the bay area, better than any other “rusty relics” pawnshop. Note: This is useful with the different methods of stealing from shops if you are in the area. Do not waste months going from Daggerfall to Alik’r desert.

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