PC Cheats

Escape: Or Die Trying Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the specified screen to activate the corresponding cheat:

Level select; appears after new game and character chosen (Main Menu) – lacrimosa
Sophia now playable (Main Menu) – sophia
Karma now playable (Main Menu) – karma
Full energy (Pause game play) – xul
Full mana (Pause game play) – boz
Full capacity on all four weapons (Pause game play) – jbb
Increase power slightly on all four weapons (Pause game play) – math
Increase armor, weapon, and spirit levels slightly (Pause game play) – grabo
Maximum experience (Pause game play) – mumu
50 lives (Pause game play) – alex
All spells (Pause game play) – rik
Add one star to each acquired spell (Pause game play) – vince
Full energy, mana, experience, weapon power;50 lives, slightly increased armor, weapon, and spirit; all spells with 4 stars (Pause game play) – cachou
Unknown (Pause game play) – bar
Unknown (Pause game play) – birdy
Unknown (Pause game play) – odt

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