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FantAge Cheats

Gem combinations:
Unlock the following items by using the corresponding combinations:

Gold dress – 3 rare gems or 1 semi-rare gem and 2 rare gems.

Orange hint:
Orange fruits make you run faster.

Get on castle balcony:
Go to the castle and clock the front left lamp at the bench. Then, click on the balcony that is close to it.

Squirting water hydrant:
Find the fire hydrant at the Carnival and click the top left knob a few times until water squirts out. Note: This doesn’twork Downtown.

Valuable fruits hint:
When there are Starz, take the ones that are worth the most first.

Easy Starz hint:
-Create a user and an extra user. Face the extra user repeatedly to earn a lot of Starz.
Host a fashion show and wait until many people arrive, then start, choose a theme, and exit. When the fashion show ends, you will get Starz and points.

-Earn up to 80 Starz by winning at Splash!

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