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Unlimited money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “House” file in the “Program FilesEA SPORTSFIFA MANAGER 10private_items” directory. This file contains the types of homes and how much they cost. Change one of the values to a negative number. For example:


In the game, go to “Career” then “Private Life”, then “House”. Buy the house that was modified (for example, the Palace) and you will gain that amount of money instead of losing it.

More transfer money:

Use the following trick if your team is low on money and you want to spend more. Create another manger, preferably at the start of a season as there will be more money available. Have this manager join a club such as Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, etc. Then, search for the club you currently manage and sell unwanted players to the new manager for very high prices. This creates high transfer funds and also gets rid of any unwanted players.

Easy goals:
Use the following trick if you are to score goals easier from open play. It will increase the number of goals scored from corners. Set your best corner taker to take your corners. Set your best header and tallest player (usually your CB) to challenge the goalkeeper. Also, set your second and third best header to attack the near and far post. Place players who have good long shot attributes to lurk outside the box, ensuring any clearances are directly to them, for them to have a shot on goal. Note: Make sure corners are always delivered into the six yard box.

Recommended players:

Try acquiring the following players for your team:

Aaron Ramsey (AM/CM/DM, Arsenal, ?8 million)
Alphonse Ar?ola (GK, PSG, French, ?40,000)
Davide Santon (D LCR, Inter-can, ?6 million)
Eduardo Salvio (AMR/FC, Lanus, Argentinean, ?5 million)
Jack Wilshere (AM/STLCR, Arsenal, ?10 million)
Mario Balotelli (AMRL/ST, Inter, Italian, ?13 million)
Mart?n Galv?n (AMC/FC, Cruz Azul, Mexican, ?1 million)
Mesut Oezil (AM/ST LC; Wander Bremen ?25 million)
Nicol?s Otamendi (DC, V?lez S?rsfield, Argentinian, ?3.3 million)
Thomas Muller (AMCD/ST LCR, Bayern Muchen, ?3 million)
Toni Kroos (AMC, Bayern Munich, German, ?15 million)
Vladimir Weiss (AM CR, Manchester City, ?6 million)
Yoann Gourcuff (CM/AM, Girondins Bourdeaux, ?30 million)?

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