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Fight Night Champion Cheats

Freeze opponents:To freeze your opponent, press forward with the Analog Stick while holding L2 and quickly alternate with between the Jab and the Straight punch.

Bronze trophies
A Champion Emerges – Defeat Isaac Frost in Champion Mode.
Low Down Dirty Tricks – Defeat Kobe Nichols in Champion Mode.
Everything You Got Left – Defeat Meldrick Johnson in Champion Mode.
I Brought My Own Judges – Defeat Ricardo Alvarez in Champion Mode.
Welcome to the Jungle – Defeat the prison gang member in Champion Mode.
Survival of the Fittest – Defeat the prison gang leader in Champion Mode.
Gold Medal Performance – Knockout Joel Savon in Champion Mode.
No Time To Bleed – Knockout Dwight Cooper before the 6th round in Champion Mode.
THIS is Sim – Create and upload a Settings file to EA SPORTS World.
Alphabet Soup – Own all belts within one weight class at the same time in Legacy Mode.
Bicep Curling – Obtain boxer level 15 in OWC.
Bench Pressing – Obtain boxer level 30 in OWC.
Represent the Crew I – Complete a Lightweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym.
A Fight Amongst Friends I – Complete a Lightweight League Match in an Online Gym.
Represent the Crew II – Complete a Middleweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym.
A Fight Amongst Friends II – Complete a Middleweight League Match in an Online Gym.
Represent the Crew III – Complete a Heavyweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym.
A Fight Amongst Friends III – Complete a Heavyweight League Match in an Online Gym.
Mr. Reliable – Earn a Reliability Multiplier of more than 85% after playing at least 100 Ranked Matches.
Road To Glory – Complete 100 fights In Online World Championship.
Can You Feel The Power? – Max out any skill of a Legacy Mode, OWC, or Online Gyms boxer.

Silver trophies
Turnabout If Fair Play – Knockdown Keyshawn Hayes with a left hook in Champion Mode.
The Awakening – Knockdown Mason Brooks in under 3 minutes in Champion Mode.
How Poetic – Retire as the GOAT in Legacy Mode.
Hamstring Blasting – Obtain boxer level 45 in OWC.
This Is Going Well – Knockdown an opponent twice in the same round of a Ranked Match.
My Defense Is Impregnable – Win a Ranked Match with your opponent’s accuracy at or below 20%.
A Verdict Is In – Win a 10-round Ranked Match.
A Little This, A Little That – Knockdown an opponent with a head shot and a body shot in a Ranked Match.
Will They Believe You? – Get up from a fourth knockdown during a Ranked Match.
I’m Just Doing My Jab – Jab 10,000 times.

Gold trophies

A Fist For Every Face – Defeat the entire Fight Night Champion roster in Fight Now.
Breaking a Sweat – Get a Champion rating on every Training Game.
Squat Thrusting – Obtain boxer level 60 in OWC.
Numba One Stunna – Stun your opponents 1000 times.
Every Second Counts – Knockdown an opponent in a Ranked Match with less than 10 seconds left in the round.

Platinum trophies
Platinum Trophy – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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