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FusionFall Cheats

Log in, then click “Redeem Code” option on the “My Account” screen. Follow the directions, then enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding item:

Friskerton Bubblehead helmet – ffcforestphantom
Zak Saturday Bubblehead helmet – ffccryptidhunter
Four Arms Bubblehead helmet – ffcfourarmspower
Goop Bubblehead helmet – ffcheroaliengoop
Humongousaur Bubblehead helmet – ffcben10dinosaur
Beach visor – ffcsandyandsunny
Cryptid backpack – batpackfeb09
Incognito mask – ffcbighouseblues
Stinkfly wings – ffcinsectoidhero

Easier running:

Instead of holding W or [Up] to run, just press [Home]. To stop running, press [Home] again.

Easy Fusion Matter:
When you complete a mission, make sure your Nano is active and has the Scavenge ability to get more Fusion Matter.

Easy Taros:
Access your Bonus Nano. When activated, click the NPC to complete a mission. You will get 20% more Taros than normal. The same thing can be done with scavenge.?

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