Weapons Tiers Codes:
Unlock the following Tiers of weapons by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons during gameplay. Note: To get infinite ammunition for this or the other weapons tiers, repeatedly enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures. Enabling these code will cause your street creds to substantially drop in points:

Weapons Tier 1 (brass knuckles, knife, Molotov cocktails, 9mm handgun, shotgun, Tec-9, AK-47, flamethrower, and sniper rifle) will be unlocked. – Up, Square(2), Down, Left, Square(2), Right.
Weapons Tier 2 (katana sword, grenades, revolver, sawn-off shotgun, Uzi, M16, rocket launcher, and laser scoped sniper rifle) – Up, Circle(2), Down, Left, Circle(2), Right.
Weapons Tier 3 (chainsaw, grenades, revolver, SMG, combat shotgun, mini-gun, and sniper rifle) – Up, X(2), Down, Left, X(2), Right.

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons during gameplay:

All pedestrians, cars, Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale unlocked in Multiplayer mode – Up(3), Triangle(2), Circle, L, R.
Fourteen pedestrians, Portland, two gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode – Up(3), Square(2), Triangle, R, L.
Twenty eight pedestrians, Portland, Staunton Island, four gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode – Up(3), Circle(2), X, L, R.
Forty three pedestrians, two locations, seven gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode – Up(3), X(2), Square, R, L.
Full health – L, R, X, L, R, Square, L, R. Note – If this code is enabled when your car is smoking or damaged it will get repaired.
Extra armor – L, R, Circle, L, R, X, L, R.
$250,000 – L, R, Triangle, L, R, Circle, L, R.
Wanted level disabled – L(2), Triangle, R(2), X, Square, Circle.
Wanted level increased – L, R, Square, L, R, Triangle, L, R.
View media attention level – L, Up, Right, R, Triangle, Square, Down, X. Keep breaking the law until the media attention level is displayed.
Drive on water – Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L(2).
Better handling vehicles – L, Up, Left, R, Triangle, Circle, Down, X. Press Down after this code is enabled to make your car jump.
Spawn Rhino – L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Triangle, Circle.
Spawn Trashmaster – Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L(2).
Ride with passenger – While in a vehicle with nearby pedestrians, press X, Square, Down, X, Square, Up, R(2). The nearest person will enter your car or get on your bike.
Change motorcycle tire size – Circle, Right, X, Up, Right, X, L, Square. Repeat the code to cycle the tire sizes between large, small, and normal.
Destroy all cars – L(2), Left, L(2), Right, X, Square.
Aggressive drivers – Square(2), R, X(2), L, Circle(2).
Black traffic – Circle(2), R, Triangle, L, Square(2).
White traffic – X(2), R, Circle(2), L, Triangle(2).
Chrome traffic – Triangle, R, L, Down(2), R(2), Triangle.
Traffic lights always green – Triangle, Triangle, R, Square, Square, L, X(2).
Sunny weather – L(2), Circle, R(2), Square, Triangle, X.
Clear weather – Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, L, R.
Overcast weather – Up, Down, X, Up, Down, Triangle, L, R.
Rainy weather – Up, Down, Square, Up, Down, Circle, L, R.
Foggy weather – Up, Down, Triangle, Up, Down, X, L, R.
Pedestrians riot – L(2), R, L(2), R, Left, Square.
Pedestrians attack you – L(2), R, L(2), R, Up, Triangle.
Pedestrians have weapons – R(2), L, R(2), L, Right, Circle.
Pedestrians follow you – Down(3), Triangle(2), Circle, L, R.
Random pedestrian costumes – L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Square, Triangle. Note – After this code is enabled four times, it locks your movement unless done under one of the following conditions. If your movement becomes locked, either reload your saved game file or enable the “Commit suicide” code to return to normal at the hospital with your new costume. When inside a car or on a bike, enter the car or get on the bike, enable the code, then press Triangle to exit the car or bike. Your controls will not be locked. You can also reenter the same car and repeat it as many times as desired.
Faster gameplay – R(2), L, R(2), L, Down, X.
Slower gameplay – R, Triangle, X, R, Square, Circle, Left, Right.
Faster game time – L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Circle, X.
Big head mode – Down(3), Circle(2), X, L, R.
Upside down – Down(3), X(2), Square, R, L.
Upside up – X(3), Down(2), Right, L, R.
Return to normal from upside down – Triangle(3), Up(2), Right, L, R.
Return to normal from upside up – Up(3), Triangle(2), Square, R, L.
Commit suicide – L, Down, Left, R, X, Circle, Up, Triangle.
View game credits – L, R, L, R, Up, Down, L, R.

Completion bonuses:
Get a 100% game completion by finishing all story line missions, all side jobs, all races in first place, complete all 24 unique jumps, complete the car list for Love Media, find all 100 hidden packages, and survive all 20 rampages. A tank will now appear in Fort Staunton, and speedboats can be taken in Portaland. All Multiplayer costumes will also be available in Single Player mode. Additionally, beat all Rampages for the M60 to spawn at your safehouses. Note: You do not get the M60 with any of the weapon cheats.

Mission bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks in the specified missions:

Infinite Sprinting – In the Ambulance mission, reach level 12. To play the Ambulance mission, steal an ambulance and press UP.
Fireproof – In the Firefighter mission, reach level 12. To play the Firefighter missions, steal a fire truck and press UP.
Increase max health by 25 points – In the Food delivery missions, reach level 12. To play the Food delivery mission, go to the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Staunton Island or the Noodle Punk shop in Portland.
Bickle ’76 cab – In the Taxi Driver missions, drop off 100 passengers. To play the Taxi Driver missions, steal a taxi and press UP.
Increase max body armor to 150 points – In the Vigilante missions, reach level 12. To play the Vigilante missions, steal a police car and press UP. To easily complete the Vigilante missions, enable the “Spawn Rhino” code, then get in the tank and press Up to start the Vigilante missions. Crash into the cars and bikes you are chasing and they will explode.

Good citizen bonus:
When you see a cop chasing someone down the sidewalk, if you run up to the person being chased and punch him, you will get a $50 Good Citizen Bonus. Make sure to only punch him once; if you continue and kill the person, the cop will want to fight you.

Keep money when busted:
To retain your money after being busted, beat the Avenging Angels missions on Staunton Island.

Spirit E and PJC at Staunton Island safe house:
Deliver all sixteen vehicles on the list to the Love Media garage in Bedford.

Super Angel Bike (bulletproof) at Portland safe-house:
Beat Avenging Angels missions in Portland.

Super Land Stalker (bulletproof) at Shoreside Vale safe-house:
Beat the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale.

Upgraded Sanchez:
Beat all ten courses in the “Bump