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Heroes Of Might And Magic 4 Cheats

Cheat Code:
Press [Tab] during game play and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Free materials – nwcambrosia
Auto game play – nwcgosolo
Win combat – nwcares
Lose combat – nwcachilles
Gain skill – nwcathena
Increase level – nwcthoth
Learn spells – nwcisis
Lose scenario – nwcragnarok
Win scenario – nwcvalhalla
Unlimited movement – nwchermes
Reveal puzzle map – nwcsphinx
Maximum luck – nwcsacrificetothegods
Maximum morale – nwcpan
Build all structures – nwccityoftroy
Access cheat menu – nwcimagod
Shroud FOV – nwcprometheus
Elven chainmail – nwchephaestus
Dagger Of Despair – nwcettubrute
Ring Of Greater Negation – nwcexcalibur
Sword Of The Gods – nwcnibelungenlied
Crusaders – nwctristram
Champions – nwclancelot
Angels – nwcstmichael
Dwarves – nwcsevenlittleguys
Magi – nwcmerlin
Titans – nwccronus
Vampires – nwcblahblah
Devils – nwchades
Trolls – nwcunderthebridge
Minotaur – nwckingminos
Nightmares – nwcxanthus
Black Dragons – nwcfafnir
Sprites – nwcdoyousmellbrownies
Wolves – nwcfenrir
Elves – nwcfixmyshoes
Unicorn – nwcthelast
Phoenix – nwcra
Ogre Magi – nwcvalkyries
Behemoth – nwcgrendel
Sea Monster – nwcposeidon
Tatooed White Trash – nwcaphrodite
Old Man Jack – nwcoldman

Double reward:
Complete a quest. Save the game, then load it again. You can double your reward each time.

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