Cheat Codes:
Hold [Shift] and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Wire frame graphics – wirewewaiting
Point graphics – whatsthepoint
Disable shading – flatbroke
Solid shading – solidasarock
Gouraud shading – gouraud
Invincibility – invunerability
Protect farm from jumping cows – oldmacdonald
Racing in the moon – flymetothemoon
All cheats active – haveall
Cows selectable as ships in arcade and multi-player modes – superdaisy
One shot kills – easyshoot
Unlimited smart bombs – supershoot
Unlimited lives – infinitelives
Unlimited weapons – infiniteweapons
Extra tanks – tanksalot
Low gravity – catwalk
High gravity – fatwalk
Normal gravity – iweighnormal
Toggle textures – masteroftheuniverse
Enable in-game cheat keys – cheatkey
Big ships – eroser

In-game cheat keys:
Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat after using the cheatkey code.

Easy shots – [F2]
Invincibility – [F3]
Unlimited lives – [F4]
Unlimited weapons – [F5]
Smart bomb – [F6]
Quit – [F7]
Save current game – [F8]
Reloads stored game – [F9]
Toggle frame wait – [F10]
Restart – [F11]

Cheat Codes (command line):
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat:

View frame rate – -framerate
Select screen resolution – -screenmode
Disable lens flare effects – -nolensflare
Disable fog – -nofog
Disable sky – -nosky
Disable MIP mapping – -nomipmap
Disable surround sound – -no3dsound
Disable shadows – -noshadows
Disable network support – -nonetwork

Cheat mode (alternate):
Type “numberonedacrestreet” at the main menu. Cheat options will now appear on the menu, including access to five bonus levels.

Arctic level: Man on toilet:
In the second mission (Arctic level) first phase where you start with the hovertank, turn right slightly until you see a pad/chopper. Go to it. When you get in front of it, turn right slightly until you see a light bulb-shaped radar. Destroy it. Go to where it used to be, then turn right slightly to see two port-a-potties. Shoot them to see a man on the toilet, reading a newspaper.