Independence War: Deluxe Edition Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Enter the pilot roster screen and select any slot to display the history and missions screen for that person. Enable the “History” box, then type dethweezul (case-sensitive) to enable cheat mode. The word “Outcome” and a number will appear under each completed mission to confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following codes at the specified screen to activate the corresponding cheat:

Add mission (Player History Screen) – [Left Shift] [Backspace]
Toggle selected mission’s outcome (Player History Screen) – [Left Shift] [Equals]
Mission select (Player History Screen) – [Left Shift] 0
Screenshot in psg
esourceartscreens (Game Play) – [Left Shift] P
Continuous screenshots (Game Play) – [Left Shift] M
Jump to vicinity of target (Game Play) – [Left Shift] 8
Match velocity of target (Game Play) – [Left Shift] 9
Destroy targeted ship (Game Play) – [Left Shift] 0
Invincibility (Game Play) – [Left Shift] I
Repair all damage (Game Play) – [Left Shift] N
Win mission (Game Play) – [Left Shift] W
View all reachable planets and moons as waypoints (Game Play) – [Left Shift] G
Jump to current LaGrange point destination (Game Play) – [Left Shift] J

Cheat Codes (command line):
Start the game with one or more of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The save point codes may not allow the game to continue normally.

Windowed game – -w
Disable sound – -xsound
Start from save point 1 – -start1
Start from save point 2 – -start2
Start from save point 3 – -start3
Start from save point 4 – -start4
Use save slot 0 – -slot0
Use save slot 1 – -slot1
Use save slot 2 – -slot2
Use save slot 3 – -slot3
Use save slot 4 – -slot4
Use Save slot 5 – -slot5
Correct screenshots in 3Dfx mode – -nozlock
Set European version to display in English – -english
Set European version to display in French – -french
Set European version to display in German – -german

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