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Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Note: The v1.06 or later patch is required to enabled the following codes. Hold [Ctrl] and type g a b b i at the tactical game screen to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the specified screen to activate the corresponding cheat:

Aborts enemies turn (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] [Enter]
All characters and items are visible (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] E
Damage character under pointer (Tactical Screen) – [Ctrl] H
Kill all enemies in current sector (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] O
Refresh health and energy for all characters (Tactical Screen) – [Ctrl] U
Reload selected character’s gun (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] R
Restore selected character’s AP (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] D
Teleport selected character to pointer (Tactical Screen) – [Alt] T
Teleport squad to sector under pointer in travel mode (Map Screen) – [Ctrl] T
Kill all enemies in sector (Map Screen) – [Alt] [Auto Resolve]
Additional $100,000 (Laptop Screen) – [Plus]
Decrease money by $10,000 (Laptop Screen) – [Minus]
Merc forces “away” character to join team (Laptop Screen) – [Space] Left Mouse Button
100 points of damage to all enemies in sector (Other Screen) – [Alt] O
Character sits in wheelchair (Other Screen) – [Alt] 4
Character transforms into monster (Other Screen) – [Alt] 5
Create new character (Other Screen) – [Alt] G
Create robot (Other Screen) – [Alt] V
Mustard gas explosion at pointer (Other Screen) – [Alt] K
Spawn civilian at pointer (Other Screen) – [Alt] C
Spawn enemy at pointer (Other Screen) – [Alt] B
Spawn item at pointer (Other Screen) – [Alt] I

Keep unhired merc from being killed:
Use the following trick to keep a certain unhired merc from being killed. When that merc is on-duty, leave a message, but do not answer the e-mail. This will prevent them from dying, and they will not leave A.I.M. because you have not replied to them. They will e-mail you repeatedly, but it is well worth the aggravation.

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