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Legend Of Zelda, The: Spirit Tracks Cheats

Stamp rewards:
After you receive a letter from Niko in Aboda Village, visit him to get a stamp book. Then, find the fifteen various stamp stations in different areas that you can visit on the rail map to get a stamp. Unlock the following rewards by returning to Niko after collecting the corresponding numbers of stamps:

Shield Of Antiquity – 10 stamps. Note – This shield cannot be eaten by Like-Likes.
Engineer Outfit – 15 stamps.
Sword Scroll 2 (Great Spin Attack) – 20 stamps.

Take ‘Em All On challenge bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by completing the corresponding Take ‘Em All On challenge at the southeast corner of Hyrule Castle Town:

Heart Container – Challenge 1
Bomb Bag II (30 Bomb capacity) – Challenge 2
Ancient Gold Coin – Challenge 3

Rabbitland Rescue bonuses:

In the Forest Realm, talk to the person at Rabbitland Rescue. Unlock the following items by collecting the corresponding numbers of rabbits in the Spirit Tracks:

Heart Container – 5 rabbits
Swordsman’s Scroll I (Sword Beam) – 50 rabbits

Goron Amber:
To get the Goron Amber, take the young Goron to Castle Town. You will eventually be able to talk to him, and he will say he is discouraged by city life. Select “Cheer up” as a response. Goron will get happier. Then, select the first option in the conversation. Goron will thank you and give you Goron Amber.

Stamp locations:
Search the following locations to find stamps for Niko:

Desert Realm
Sand Sanctuary – Beat Sand Temple to unlock Sand Lokomo’s sidequest, then finish it. Get a Cucco, and fly to the island in the southeast corner of the area.
Sand Temple – On the west side of the sand river on the second floor; Sand Wand required.
Spirit Tower – At the very top of the tower.

Fire Realm
Fire Sanctuary – Light the torches to unlock the bridges, north part of the area; Boomerang required.
Fire Temple – In the room with four eyes next to each other, shoot the hidden switch in the southwest corner with an arrow; Bow required.
Goron Village – Northwest corner of the area west of Goron village; instead of crossing the bridge that you activate, keep going north, and use the Snake Rope to get across.

Forest Realm
Aboda Village – Next to the train station.
Forest Sanctuary – North part of the map, near some stairs.
Forest Temple – First floor, in the poison gas room; Leaf Vacuum required.
Hyrule Castle – Northwest corner of town; Bombs required.
Trading Post – Northwest corner inside the cave; Bomb required.
Withtleton – Near the entrance of the north field.

Ocean Realm
Papuchia village – Southwest corner of the islands south of the village; Snake Rope and Bird Song required.
Pirate Hideout – Center of the map, on the hill; Snake Rope and Bird Song required, and Force Gem required to unlock Pirate Hideout.
Ocean Sanctuary – On top of the entrance to where the Lokomo is found; Snake Rope and Bird Song required.
Ocean Temple – Bomb the north walls on the second floor, inside the opened room; Snake Rope and Bombs required.

Snow Realm
Anouki Village – Northeast corner.
Snow Sanctuary – East area of the map, on a small hill.
Snow Temple – Northeast corner of the room full of water and five torches; Boomerang required.
Wellspring Station – Passing the lake using the ice torch; Boomerang required.

Spirit Flute song locations:
Learn the following songs that can be played on the Spirit Flute by finding the Air Stones at the corresponding locations. Tap an Air Stones to hear the song and see the proper colored notes that should be played on the flute. To memorize the song, take out the Spirit Flute, and play the song as it is appears. You can then refer to the songs from the “Collection” menu:

Song Of Awakening
It is located at the western part of the Forest Sanctuary. Its notes are Light Blue, Red. This song wakes up the Gossip Stones which give clues about treasures and other things.

Song Of Birds:
It is located in Papuchia Village during the quest for Carben, the Ocean Sage. Its notes are Dark Blue, Orange, Dark Blue. This song summons birds and affects cuccos, doves, and the birds that carry grapple points for your whip in the southwest region of Papuchia Village and in the Ocean Sanctuary.

Song Of Discovery
It is located in the center of Anouki Village. Its notes are Red, Yellow, Red, Light Blue. This song reveals treasure chests and other hidden objects (for example, at circles of boulders or the base of trees).

Song Of Healing

It is located at the train platform at the start of the Forest Temple, Floor 1. Its notes are Light Green, White, Light Green. This song restores all of your hearts while in a dungeon. To use it again, you must leave the dungeon.

Song Of Light
It is located near Linebeck’s grave in the northern area of the Trading Post. Its notes are Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, White. This song makes diamond-shaped crystals glow and give off light. It is required to solve some puzzles.

Alternate endings:

Zelda will ask Link what he wants to do afterward prior to getting on the Demon Train for the final battle. The following responses will result in the corresponding endings:

“Warrior” – Zelda will hear Link sword fighting below her window.
“Engineer” – Zelda will hear Link’s train whistle.
“Dunno” – Random ending.

Easy Rupees hint:
Complete the Sand Temple and return to the Sand Sanctuary. With the Sand Wand, raise the sand in the Sanctuary to find three big green Rupees.

Angry Zelda:
Keep hitting Zelda with the whip or boomerang when she is inhabiting a phantom. She will eventually fight back.

Phantoms in Tower Of Spirits, Part 6:
In the final room of the Tower of Spirits, with the four Phantoms, take control of the Torch Phantom. First, however, send Link to the Safe Zone on the west side of the room. As the Torch Phantom, go to the door leading to the area where the Warp and Normal Phantoms are located and light the torches to make the door open. A Phantom Eye will then appear. Enter the area with the Warp and Normal Phantoms, then go to the east side of this area, beside the Normal Phantom, and talk to him. Now that he is out of the way for the while, switch to Link. When the Phantom Eye can’t see you and the Warp Phantom is heading to the east side, run in and take control of him. You will now most likely be spotted so run back to the Safe Zone. When the Phantoms stop chasing you, go where the two switches are located. Since there is sand blocking this area, Zelda cannot go with you. Let the Phantom Eye see you, then run across the sand. Next, warp to the Phantom Eye as Zelda and step on the switches so the door behind the Normal Phantom opens. Next, take control of the Torch Phantom again and stand beside the Normal Phantom. Talk to him again, then switch to Link. When the Phantom Eye cannot see you and the Warp Phantom is moving to the east side of the area, move in and stun him. Repeat this for the Normal Phantom and run into the Safe Zone. Call Zelda and push the next door open to get the Compass of Light.

Snow Lokomo vase hint:
After completing all of the temples, go back to the Snow Sanctuary and speak to the Lokomo there. He will explain how he wants to decorate and will ask that you deliver him a vase. Go to the Ocean Realm, buy a vessel from the fortune teller woman on the island, and deliver it to the snow Lokomo. He will thank you and give you a reward. If you break the vessel, however, he will demand that you buy and bring him a new one.

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