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Legends of WrestleMania Cheats

Alternate costume passwords:
Unlock the following costumes by entering the corresponding passwords:

Animal’s costume – “TheRoadWarriorAnimal”
Brutis Beefcake’s costume – “BrutisTheBarberShop”
Hawk’s LOD 2000 costume – “HawkFromLegionOfDoom”
Iron Shiek’s costume – “IronSheikCamelClutch”
Jimmy Hart’s costume – “WithManagerJimmyHart”
Koko B Ware’s costume – “TheBirdmanKokoBWare!”
Sgt. Slaughter’s costume – “CobraClutchSlaughter”
Shawn Michael’s costume – “ShawnsSweetChinMusic”
The Rock’s costume – “UnlockTheRockBottom”
Undertaker’s costume – “UndertakersTombstone”

Alternate costumes:
Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Animal’s alternate costume – Complete legend tier 1 in legend killer mode.
Hawk’s alternate costume – Win three gold medals in Relive mode.

Unlockable matches:
Unlock the following matches by winning the corresponding amount of gold medals in Wrestlemania Tour mode:

Hell In A Cell match – Win two gold medals in wrestlemania tour mode.
Ironman match – Win three gold medals in wrestlemania tour mode.
Steel Cage match – Win one gold medal in wrestlemania tour mode.

Fast bloodshed:
In a Steel Cage match, Irish Whip your opponent into the cage. This is a quick way to make him bleed.

Bronze trophies

Created a Legend – Make a Created Legend.
Manager – Win using a manager in an Exhibition match.

Silver trophies
Chain Struggle – Win using a Chain Struggle.
Tag Chain Struggle – Win using a Tag Chain Struggle.
Grapplemania – Win using only grapple attacks.
Technician – Win by using five or more reversals in a single match.
Dive Attack – Successfully perform a dive attack from all four corners.
First Medal – Obtain a medal in WrestleMania Tour Mode.
Memory Serves Me Well – Complete any match without pausing in the “Relive” section of WrestleMania Tour Mode.
New Legend – Defeat 10 opponents with a Created Legend in a single tier in Legend Killer Mode.
Legend Killer – Obtain a medal in Legend Killer Mode.
Invincible Created Legend – Max out a Created Legend’s attributes.
King of Kings – Defeat the Favorite Legends Tier in Legend Killer Mode.

Gold trophies
Royal Rumble Winner – Win a 30-Man Royal Rumble.
Medal Collector – Obtain all of the medals in WrestleMania Tour Mode.
WrestleMania Tour – Clear all “Relive” matches in WrestleMania Tour Mode.
True Legend Killer – Obtain all of the medals in Legend Killer Mode.
Super Fast Legend Killer – Become a Legend Killer in Legend Killer Mode in 30 minutes or less.
You’re #1 – Have your Created Legend reach the Top rank in Hall of Fame Mode.

Platinum trophy

Platinum – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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