PS3 Cheats

Madden NFL 07 Cheats

Madden cards:
Unlock the following Madden cards by entering the corresponding codes:

’58 Colts – B57QLU
’66 Packers – 1PL1FL
’68 Jets – MIE6WO
’70 Browns – CL2TOE
’72 Dolphins – NOEB7U
’74 Steelers – YO0FLA
’76 Raiders – MOA11I
’77 Broncos – C8UM7U
’78 Dolphins – VIU0O7
’80 Raiders – NLAPH3
’81 Chargers – COAGI4
’82 Redskins – WL8BRI
’83 Raiders – H0EW7I
’84 Dolphins – M1AM1E
’85 Bears – QOETO8
’86 Giants – ZI8S2L
’88 49ers – SP2A8H
’90 Eagles – 2L4TRO
’91 Lions – J1ETRI
’92 Cowboys – W9UVI9
’93 Bills – DLA3I7
’94 49ers – DR7EST
’96 Packers – F8LUST
’98 Broncos – FIES95
’99 Rams – S9OUSW
Aloha Stadium – YI8P8U
Super Bowl XLI – RLA9R7
Super Bowl XLII – WRLUF8
Super Bowl XLIII – NIEV4A
Super Bowl XLIV – M5AB7L

Lame Duck card:
To unlock the Lame Duck card, enter “5LAWO0”. It makes your opponent throw only lob passes for one half.

Mistake Free card:
To unlock the Mistake Free card, enter “XL7SP1”. It prevents you from fumbling or throwing an interception.

QB on Target card:
To unlock the QB on target card, enter “WROA0R”. It gives your QB 100% accuracy for one half.

Create “Freak” players:
Reach the following Madden levels to create the corresponding “Freak” players:

Madden level 10 – Freak Kicker, Punter, Tight End, and Offensive Lineman.
Madden level 15 – Freak Halfback, Fullback, and Defensive Lineman.
Madden level 20 – Freak Wide Receiver, Middle Linebacker, and Outside Linebacker.
Madden level 30 – Freak Quarterback, Cornerback, Free Safety, and Strong Safety.

Movie answers:

One more set
Question 1 = 3
Question 2 = 2
Question 3 = 2
Question 4 = 3
Question 5 = 2

The young fella
Question 1 = 1
Question 2 = 2
Question 3 = 2

The prosciutto
Question 1 = 2
Quesiton 2 = 3
Question 3 = 2

Air hockey 101
Question 1 = 2
Question 2 = 4
Question 3 = 3

Steelers quick punt glitch:

On 4th down with the Steelers go to shotgun normal with one tight end and three wide receivers. Select “Quick Punt.” When you snap the ball your quarterback will quickly punt the ball. Run to the ball and just start running for a touchdown. If the ball goes out of the endzone the other team gets a safety. This only works on 4th down.

Better agents in superstar mode:
To make more agents want to sign with you, answer the interview questions as a team player.

Avoid injuries:
If you think your player has just gotten injured, hurry up the play and they should get back up.

Cheaper players in franchise mode:
In the off season when re-signing a player, you can save money by changing a players position. Go to the roster and player management to change their position. You must have an excess of players in the position you are changing from to allow the players position to be changed.

First round picks:

To get first round picks, turn off the trade deadline. At the last week of the season, trade for first round picks with the team that has the worst record.

Control kickoff/punt bounce direction:
Hold L2 and use the d-pad to control the direction you want the ball to bounce during a kickoff or punt.

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