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Magical Diary Cheats

Steam achievement:
Been Kissed – Someone has locked lips with you.
Black Mastery – You maxed out your Black Magic.
Blue Mastery – You maxed out your Blue Magic.
Bunny!! – You retrieved the elusive stuffed bunny.
Conspiracy – You helped Ellen form a school conspiracy
Cutie-Pie – You maxed out your Cute.
Delinquent – You received five detentions in one game.
Divorced – After a year locked in the school dungeons. Nasty.
Expelled – Too many demerits ended your school year.
Green Mastery – You maxed out your Green Magic.
I love being STRONG – You maxed out your strength.
Married – Oops! Accidentally married.
Naughty – You received detention
Prom Date – You had an escort for the May Day Ball.
Red Mastery – You maxed out your Red Magic.
Secret Society – You became a full member of the Rose And Wasp.
Sophomore – You made it through the school year!
Star Student – You maxed out your Merits.
Stressed Out – You maxed out your Stress.
Studious – You maxed out your smarts.
Summer School – You can’t go home again.
Treasurer – You won the election for class treasurer.
Truant – You refused to attend any classes!
Walking in Darkness – You broke your oath and lost your magic – for now.
Weirdo – You maxed out your Weird.
White Mastery – You maxed out your White Magic.

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