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Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the -developer command line parameter. To do this go under the properties of your Max Payne desktop icon (right click icon, then select “Properties”) then change the entry for the program to “Target: “C:Program FilesMax Paynemaxpayne.exe” -developer” or something similar. Press [F12] during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

God mode – god
Disable god mode – mortal
Debug mode – coder
No clipping mode – noclip
Disable no clipping mode – noclip_off
More Slow-Mo – getbullettime
Display frame rate – showfps
All weapons – getallweapons
Unlimited ammunition – getinfiniteammo
Baseball bat – getbaseballbat
Baretta – getberetta
Sawed off shotgun – getsawedshotgun
Pump action shotgun – getpumpshotgun
Dual Berettas with full ammo – getberettadual
Dual Berettas with full ammo – getdualberetta
Desert Eagle with full ammo – getdeserteagle
Dual Ingrams with full ammo – getingramdual
Dual Ingrams with full ammo – getdualingram
Jackhammer – getjackhammer
Ingram – getingram
8 pain killers – getpainkillers
TMP5 – getmp5
Colt Commando – getcoltcommando
Molotov cocktail – getmolotov
Grenade – getgrenade
M-79 – getm79
Sniper rifle – getsniper
Health – gethealth
Add indicated amount to health – c_addhealth

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