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Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Saurian Cheats

Connection unlockables:
Have one of the following Game Boy Advance games in the cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS with a saved game to unlock the EXE Blaster special War Rock weapon.

Battle Network Rockman EXE
Battle Network Rockman EXE 2
Battle Network Rockman EXE 3
Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black
Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP
Rockman EXE 4: Tournament Red Sun
Rockman EXE 4: Tournament Blue Moon
Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation
Rockman EXE 5: Team Of Blues
Rockman EXE 5: Team Of Colonel
Rockman EXE 6: Cyber Beast Greiga
Rockman EXE 6: Cyber Beast Falzer

You will receive a message from Goyouda Heiji, who will ask you to get data (which are diary entries), from the following radio networks.

1/XX: Kodama Town; Post Box Radio Network
3/XX: TK Tower 1; Old Binocular Radio Network (inspect during OphiuchusQueen scenario)
7/XX: Food Town; Forgotten Ice Statue Radio Network
9/XX: Donbura Lake Area 1; Sunken Ship Radio Network (after CondorGeograph Scenario)
11/XX: Nansca; Lower Wall Radio Network (after CondorGeograph Scenario)
After getting all the data, you will get a message with the EXE Blaster.

Achievement icons:
Unlock the following icons on the menu with the “New Game” and “Continue options” by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: Earn all the icons to unlock an alternate title screen.

G Comp Star – Collect all 5 Giga Class Cards.
M Comp Star – Collect all 42 Mega Class Cards.
Mu Continent Star – Defeat RaMu Xa.
OoPart Star – Defeat ApollonFlame.
Rockman Star – Complete the main story line.
S Comp Star – Collect all 150 Standard Class Cards.

Alternate final Boss:
Unlock all the achievement icons and play through the game again to fight the Xa version of the final Boss.

Alternate ending:
Complete the game with all achievement icons to receive a message from Solo asking that you level up the four In-Game Brothers. Do their side quests to level them up, then complete the game to make an alternate sequence appear after the credits, ending with a battle against BuraiSX.

Shop locations:
The following is a list of all shop locations divided into sections for each area of the game. Note: Shops that contain HP Memory are not in the list.

-Echo Ridge
Blue Wave: Ken Suther
Recover 80: 3,000Z
HeatGrnde: 5,000Z
AreaEater: 6,000Z
Cannon*3: 6,000Z
PoisnPhar: 50,000Z

Blue Wave: Hertz
D.Energy: 800Z
Unlocker: 4,000Z
AquaSrch: 500Z
SyncHook2: 5,000Z

Mailbox ES
SmEnergy: 100Z
Unlocker: 4,000Z
SrchEye: 6,000Z

-Wilshire Hills
Hills Blvd ER bottom level (above the elevator, after warp point)
LrgEnergy: 200Z
Cloaker: 500Z
SrchEye: 6,000Z

Shopping Plaza ER third floor
Recover 30: 600Z
MadVulcan1: 800Z
SyncHook1: 1300Z
JetSki1: 2,000Z

-Grizzly Peak Resort
Grizzly Peak ER (outside, top level, past the railing, on the ledge)
D.Energy: 800Z
Cloaker: 500Z
FireSrch: 500Z

-Mess Village
Observation Deck ER – Top
Note: About this area, at the top is a secret island that you can reach by going to the bottom hidden panels going through the deck and going left when inside. Nothing important is on it.
D.Energy: 800Z
SrchEye: 6,000Z
ElecSrch: 500Z
Bombalizer: 8,000Z

Whazzap Lines ER (between all the ramps)
WoodGrnde: 5,000Z
DblStone: 6,000Z
TyphnDnce: 9,000Z
AtomMine: 10,000Z
AntiSword: 20,000Z

-Sky Wave
Whazzup Sky Wave (first panel after entrance)
D.Energy: 800Z
Unlocker: 4,000Z
WoodSrch: 500Z
SynchHook3: 8,000Z

-Bermuda Maze
Bermuda Maze: Entrance
IceGrnde: 6,000Z
Recover 150: 7,000Z
AtomMine2: 12,000Z
PoisnApple: 15,000Z
SpiritFury: 17,000Z

-Continent of Mu
No shops. The closest thing to a shop is the person who sells D.Energy just before the entrance.

-Alternate Future
Trans Dimension 1 (near the entrance)
GreatAxe: 8,000Z
AtomMine3: 15,000Z
Guardian: 18,000Z
DoubleCross: 20,000Z
GigaMine: 25,000Z
Gemini Thunder: 50,000Z
Note: If you go to the first panels left of the entrance (where the non-blocked away blue data was located) and go against the end of it, there is an invisible path that leads to an unlocker.

-Alt. Ifl Twr2 ER (at the top of the tower)
Note: There is a merchant has three separate shops, each requiring you to enter a code to get in.

Gold Card
HevyCanon*3: 23,000Z
SyncHook*3: 40,000Z
SilvMeteor*3: 40,000Z
AntiSword*3: 50,000Z

Platinum Card
PlsmaGun*3: 28,000Z
RdrMsil*3: 33,000Z
TyphnDnce*3: 55,000Z
SpiritFury*3: 70,000Z

Black Card
GreatAxe: 45,000Z
AtomMine*3: 50,000Z
Guardian*3: 70,000Z
GigaMine*3: 80,000Z

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