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Might And Magic 6: The Mandate Of Heaven Cheats

Castle Darkmoor dungeon:
Castle Darkmoor is one of the most frustrating dungeons. Use the following trick to clear out the last room. This room is originally blocked off by a force-field of some type until you “clear the way”. Once you get there, stand just outside the room. For some reason you cannot shoot them and they cannot shoot you. Because their only attack is ranged magical, they cannot damage you. Wait until they get close, then attack.

NWC dungeon:
To get to the New World Computing (NWC) dungeon, go to the west side of the bank and click on the wall. When you get the Fly scroll, go to the north end of the buccaneer’s lair and fly up to the roof. Click on the wall up there. This will take you to Dragonsand where you will be circled by a dragons. Run forward and click on the obelisk and get 20 stats added permanently, then click on the left wall to enter it. While there, you can get over 10,000 gold and unlimited food and bottles. The only way to escape the dungeon alive may be to get killed outside, by the dragons.

There is a way to get off of the island and return to New Sorpigal, after you have the 10,000 gold without dying and losing the money. Run to the left side. Since it starts you outside, run to the black wall on the outside of the building and click on it. It teleports you back to the front of New Sorpigal.

Weapon combination:
The best weapon combination is the Trident and Dagger. Once you have both Spear and Dagger skills mastered, this combo becomes very deadly. As hidden bonus, a Master Spear has the ability to hit three adjacent enemies, and the Dagger has the highest critical hit percentage.

Easy experience points:
To easily gain experience, go to the town of Kriegspire after doing one of the glitches to get 9,999,999 gold. There is a well in town that takes 5,000 gold but gives 5,000 experience. Use that well repeatedly again until each of your characters has enough experience.

Getting good weapons:
Note: This trick only works in version 1.5 or lower. Go to the NWC Dungeon and get 10,000 gold. Go back to New Sorpigal. Do this until you have 50,000 gold then go to Castle Ironfist. Go up the hill and into the weapon shop. There should only be Lionheart Swords Of The Dragon being sold for 4,780 gold each. Go to the armor shop and there will only be Golden Plate Armor Of The Stars priced at 4,780 gold each. Use Town Portal and go to the Frozen Highlands. The weapons shop will only have True Crossbows Of Ice that do 35 ice damage.

Some powerful enemies drop high level items more frequently than others. For example, Power Liches, Dragons and Veterans will drop an item 30% of the time. Save the game before checking a body. Reload the saved game if a valuable item is not found.

Unlimited experience points glitch:
Complete the quest for the Fire Lord in the Hall of the Fire Lord at Bootleg Bay. Then, repeatedly click on “Quest” to continuously raise your character’s experience level. Note: The amount of gold available for training may limit the use of this trick. Note: You cannot return to him later. Make sure you do not end the conversation until you have as much experience as desired.

Easy money glitch:
Get all the obelisk information, then go to the rock indicated in the desert part, surrounded by many dragons near the Shrine of the Gods. This should raises all your characters stats by 10 permanently. You can click on it, then collect the 50,000 gold and the items. Exit, then click on the rock and you will collect the money again. Repeat this as needed.

Go to the well as soon as you walk into the village. Put the money in the bank, then kill yourself. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Note: This trick can only be done in v1.0. When you find the location of the lost hoard of the obelisks, the treasure includes 250,000 gold. Open and close the location or chest it is at before leaving the location. The gold will increase by 250,000 gold pieces each time. Repeat this until you have 9,999,999 gold pieces.

Teaching the Plate Armor skill glitch:
Go to a Berserker’s Fury Guild in either Castle Ironfist and in Silver Cove. Learn all the skills until the Guild says it cannot teach anymore skills. Keep clicking and eventually you will hear the sound effect that indicates that you learned a new skill, but the skill you learned might not be Plate. Sometimes the other skills your character’s class cannot learn will be learned first. If you keep clicking you will eventually get Plate. You still have to pay for the skills. You can also build the Plate skill up to Master.

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