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Might And Magic 8: Day Of The Destroyer Cheats

Easy money:
In the starting town there are pirates that are fighting with the lizards. Let them fight and gather their money.

Easy kills:
Immediately pay to have the Bow skill taught to all party members who can learn it. Next, buy them all bows. Large volleys of arrows are very effective against enemies

Keep backing up away from your enemies as you fire off spells and arrows. This will allow you to get many shots off before they close the gap and enter melee.

To overcome overwhelming odds in dungeons, press [Combat] before entering the dungeon. By doing this, in Combat mode you will enter the dungeon with the action paused. Use this opportunity to look around, kill a few enemies, and turn and exit the dungeon when you are hurt or out of mana.

As soon as possible, go to the Garrotte Gorge and recruit a dragon. The dragons belong to the most dangerous characters in the game and can kill foes with a single blow (especially in the early parts). Additionally, dragons have much more hit points than other characters. They will keep your party alive if you walk in a trap. You can increase the damage and to-hit of the dragon by increasing the Dragon skill.

Abandoned temple:
In the abandoned temple, bring the serpent men to the adjacent walls. This will slow them down and allow you to kill them easily at the location where the walls step down. When you jump on them, do not try to jump at them. Just push the buttons on the side walls. This will bring down some stairs to climb.

The Obelisk quest:

Go to Murmurwoods and wait until June 24. Between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. look for the Unicorn King. Take the key from him and return to Ravenshore. Then, find the fenced in area.

Note: That you must have gone and collected all the Obelisk information first before going to Murmur Woods or the Unicorn King will not be there.

Hidden chests:
In Ravenshore, go to the bridge that separates the wolves from the centaurs. Look for a swamp tree beside it labeled “tree” and click it. It is a hidden and trapped treasure chest with a legendary weapon, shield or “clothing”.

Just behind the ogre fortress, drop down inside the outer wall, just behind the actual building. Click around the wall to find a trapped chest that always contains some good loot.

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