MissionForce: CyberStorm Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main combat screen during a battle to activate the corresponding cheat:

Heal pilot – I Am Whole Again
Reset Herc – I Cheat Therefore I Am
Full ammo – I’ll Be Back
Repair Herc – I’m Feeling Much Better
Edit pilot attributes – Look Into My Eyes
Full Herc energy – Run Like The Wind
Energize force [NOTE 1] – Fly Like An Eagle
Reveal map [NOTE 1] – Hello World
Reset fleet [NOTE 1] – Hollywood Hercs
Mine all ore [NOTE 1] – Mine Your Own Business

NOTE 1: This code affects the entire fleet.

Alternate cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “cstorm.ini” file in the game directory. Add one of the following lines of text to activate a new menu item at the specified screen. Note: Unless stated otherwise, the added features may only be enabled in single-player mode.

Add “Repair all Hercs and Bioderms” and “Autolink pilots” menu items [NOTE 1] (Herc Base screen) – 2112
Add three menu items that allow difficulty level to be changed instantly [NOTE 1] (Herc Base screen) – I changed my mind
Advanced opportunity fire that cause units to fire on enemies as their approach [NOTE 1] (Battle movement screen) – Don’t just stand there!
Disable warning that other players are cheating in multi-player mode [NOTE 2] (Start of battle) – Leave me alone
Add one credit to inventory (Herc Base screen) – I’ll Buy That For A Credit
Add 1,000 credits to inventory (Herc Base screen) – For A Few Credits More
Add 10,000 credits to inventory (Herc Base screen) – Credits From Heaven
Add 100,000 credits to inventory (Herc Base screen) – I Need More Wheat
Add even more credits to inventory (Herc Base screen) – It’s Good To Be The King
Repair all Hercs and heal pilots (Herc Base screen) – Heal Me
Allow new missions to be played (Herc Base screen) – I Don’t Like Those
Promotion to next rank (Herc Base screen) – BrownNoser
Purchase special BGMs (Herc Base screen) – Boto Bombs Anyone?
All Hercs may be bought (Herc Base screen) – Herc Me Some More
Heal current pilot (Main Combat Screen) – I Am Whole Again
Edit pilot data (Main Combat Screen) – Look Into My Eyes
Repair current Herc (Main Combat Screen) – I’m Feeling Much Better
Energize current Herc (Main Combat Screen) – Run like the Wind
Restock current Herc (Main Combat Screen) – I’ll be Back
Reset current unit (Main Combat Screen) – I cheat therefore I am
Add series of menu items that give current unit an objective to be managed by the CPU. (Main Combat Screen) – Let Me Help You
Reset entire fleet (Main Combat Screen) – Hollywood Hercs
Super energize the fleet (Main Combat Screen) – Fly Like an Eagle
Instant kill single target (Main Combat Screen) – Now this might sting a bit
Instant kill multiple targets (Main Combat Screen) – Be very afraid
Mine all ore (Main Combat Screen) – Mine your own business
Add series of menu items to alter fog of war (Main Combat Screen) – Hello World

NOTE 1: Requires v1.1 patch, and is automatically enabled if that patch is installed.
NOTE 2: Requires v1.1 patch, but must be manually enabled.

Bark at opponents:

Enter “ELSA” as a pilot name, then type “ELSA” at beginning of the connect screen chat line to bark at your opponents.

Transform into Kaesar’s Genetic Matrix:
Enter “Kurosh” as a Bioderm name.

Have more than 12 units in multi-player mode:
Load a single-player force with more than 12 units. Then, rename one of the Hercs on that force to Big John. Then, load this force when starting a multi-player game. Note: Use of this feature may slow or crash the game.

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