PS3 Cheats

MLB 07: The Show Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Unlock the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at the main menu:

All Bonuses – L1, L2, L3(x2), R1, circle.
All Classic Stadiums – down, up, right, down, up, left, up, down.
All Golden and Silver Era Players – left, up, right, down(x2), left, up, down.
Army Camouflage Uniforms – down, left, up, left, right, left, right.
Maximum Break for all Pitches – right, up, right, down, up, left(x2), down.
Maximum Speed all Pitches – up, left, down, up, left, right, left, down.
Random Roster – left, up, down, up, right, left(x2), down.

Save money:
In the off-season go to “View Roster” and change your starters and closers positions to relievers. Then, resign all of them to less expensive contracts.

Easy stolen bases:
To easily steal a base, in Career mode when you are on second base with two outs, tap R1 to step out. Keep tapping R1 until the runner goes for third base. The pitcher will throw to second base and then to third, giving you more than enough time to reach base safely.

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