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Monday Night Combat Cheats

Steam achievements:
3-fer – Achieved a Triple Kill.
All Star – Completed “playoff” blitz mode.
All Star Sacker – Score 30 Kills in a Crossfire Match.
All Time Great – Score a 6 Kill Multikill.
Bacon Hunter – Collect 100 bacon pickups.
Big Break – Score 100,000 Kills on Slim Bots.
Break The Armor – Destroy 2500 rockit turrets.
Bzzz – Score 100,000 Kills on Buzzers.
Caught ’em Nappin’ – Achieved a kill on an opposing player while they were upgrading skills in a Crossfire match.
Center of Attention – Score 2500 Kills with Assault’s Rifle.
Drop The Boom – Score 2500 Kills with the Sniper Rifle.
Elusive – Completed “the scramble” blitz mode.
Exhibitor – Completed “exhibition” blitz mode.
Flapjack Master – Achieved a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner’s Ground Slam ability.
G’s – Score 100,000 Kills on Gremlins.
Get Out Of Here – Score 150 ejector kills.
Global Warming – Destroy 2500 shave ice turrets.
Grand Prize – Score 1000 Kills on Jackbot XLs.
Grappler – Achieved 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match.
Ground Rule – Score 2500 Kills on Gap Shots.
Ground Zero – Attach a Support Air Strike Beacon to an enemy Pro.
Head Crab – Attach an Assault Bomb to an enemy Pro.
Hell Mary – Destroy 2500 long shot turrets.
Hot Streak – Achieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match.
House Wins – Score 100,000 Kills on Black Jacks.
Humiliation – Score a Kill with a melee attack.
I Got Candy! – Pickup a total of 100 prizes is one match.
Into The Breach – Destroy 2500 lazer blazer turrets.
Keep ‘Em Down – Score 2500 Kills with the Gunner’s Minigun or Dual Minigun.
Lich – Score 2500 Kills on Scramblers.
Mvp – Achieved “Most Valuable Player” in a Crossfire match.
Ninja – Score 2500 Kills with the Assassin’s Dagger or Sword.
Outta My House! – Achieved a Ring Out during a Crossfire match.
Over 9000 – Recieve over $9000 in lifetime earnings after a Crossfire Match.
Overdose – Use juice 7 times in one match.
Pew Pew – Build or Upgrade a Lazer Blazer Turret 500 times.
Red Hot – Score 2500 Kills with the Tank’s Jet Gun.
Ringouts – Score 150 Ringouts.
Rookie – Finish tutorial.
Sacker – Achieved 15 kills in a Crossfire match.
Seasoned Veteran – Completed “season” blitz mode.
Speed Kills – Build or Upgrade a Shave Ice Turret 500 times.
Spin N Juice – Score a Kill with the Jet Gun’s alternate fire spin while juiced.
Stand N Deliver – Build or Upgrade a RockIt Turret 500 times.
Strike It XL – Score 2 Jackbot Kills in a single Crossfire Match.
Team Leader – Score the most kills in a single Crossfire Match.
Team Player – Score the most assists in a single Crossfire Match.
The Draw – Score 2500 Kills with Support’s Heal/Hurt Gun.
Thrown Out – Score 2500 Kills on Bouncers.
Uber Streak – Score a 25 Kill Streak.?

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