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Nancy Drew: The Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Cheats

Camille’s dolls:
Place the dolls in the following places.

CH – Do not move the doll in the first place.
AU – Doll with green dress.
SS – Doll with one eye blue.
ET – Doll which speaks “ma-ma”.
TE – Boy Doll with shorts.
SC – Doll without shoes with open eyes.
HA – Another boy doll.
TO – Doll without hair due to fire.
YA – Doll without shoes with closed eyes.
NT – Doll with crack on skull.
ES – Doll with red ribbon.

Making a colossal burger:
Put in all the items that are not on the list for a colossal burger.

Lori’s disappearance:
You can learn how Lori disappeared by examining the table in the dining car when you are in Copper Gorge and the Hardy Boys have left the train. You cannot do this before arriving at the destination or when someone is in the room. You must do it before you acquire Charleena’s autograph and give it to Fatima. Look at the table near where Lori was standing when she disappeared. You will see a button that resembles the carpet. Press it and you will turn around to the bookshelf and see that the shelves open. Nancy will say “This must be how Lori disappeared” or “So, Lori pushed that button, slid the shelves open further, squeezed through, and disappeared. Very clever.”

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