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Nancy Drew: The Ransom Of The Seven Ships Cheats

Steam achievements:
Bat Tracker – For identifying all of our flying friends.
Beach Comber – Seek out all the metal on the beach.
Bird Watcher – View all of Coucou’s tricks.
Chatterbox – For constant communication.
Detective – Solve the case on Junior Detective.
Down Under – Find an elusive Aussie.
Easter Egg – Find an Easter Egg.
Fruit Fanatic – For being an avid fruit fan.
Glass Half Empty – Always prepare for the worst.
Glass Half Full – Be an optimist.
Mountain Goat – Climb to great heights, again and again.
Pack Rat – Gather all of the prizes.
Super Sleuth – Solve the case on Senior Detective.
Tomb Raider – Recover El Toro’s personal stash.

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