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Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2 Cheats

Konohamuru’s codes:
Go to the Ninja School in the main town, and speak to Konohamaru on the ground floor between the Mission and Challenges doors. You will see some Japanese text in the following grid configuration:

[A] [B] [C] [D][E] [F] [G] [H][I] [J] [K] [L]

Unlock the following bonuses by quickly tapping the corresponding Romanji grid areas. After entering a character code, you will receive an item that when used will unlock the bonus character after the game has been completed. After entering the “Silver Blade Ticket” code, complete the game, then take the Silver Blade Ticket to Shizune, and she’ll give you the second Hokage’s Blade.

“An Extreme Battle!” mission – H, L, B, A, K, G, C, D
Garra – D, K, F, I, A, B, J, L
Gai – I, K, A, G, D, E, F, L
Iruka – J, G, D, L, K, A, I, B
Itachi Uchiha – G, B, E, I, D, A, L, F
Jiraiya – E, B, J, D, A, G, F, L
Kankuro – A, L, J, K, B, E, D, G
Kyuubi Naruto – G, J, H, L, B, F, D, E
Orochimaru – A, H, F, B, L, E, J, G
Silver Blade Ticket – C, F, J, H, I, L, E, G
Temari – H, F, I, C, L, K, B, G
“The Legendary Haze Ninja!” mission – F, G, E, H, I, D, A, L
“The Legendary Sannin!” mission – B, C, E, G, K, F, H, L
The Third Hokage – C, G, H, A, J, B, E, L
Kisame (Japanese Version) – K, A, G, B, H, L, F, D

Bonus characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Enma – Get 20 Regional Cards in Wi-Fi mode, then talk to the person to the left of Anko.
Gaara – Get a “Jonin” rank on the “The Power Of Shukaku!” mission.
Guy Might (Might Guy) – Beat the game, then go to Kakashi Hatake’s house, and choose Guy Might after the dialogue.
Hako (Hakou) – Get 10 Regional Cards in Wi-Fi mode, then talk to the person to the left of Anko.
Itachi – Beat “The Last Of The Uchiha Clan” in Ibiki’s mission.
Jiraiya – Play 10 rounds in Wi-Fi mode.
Kakashi Hatake – Beat the game, then go to Kakashi’s house, and speak to him. Select Kakashi to get his card.
Kankuro – Get a “Jonin” rank on the “I Challenge This Guy!” mission.
Kisame – Beat “The Messenger From Dawn” in Ibiki’s mission.
Nine-Tailed Naruto – Get 100 Wi-Fi points.
Rasengan (Ninja Tag) – Get 5 Regional Cards in Wi-Fi mode, then talk to the person to the left of Anko.
Sasuke Second-State (Curse Seal 2 Sasuke Uchiha) – Get 30 Regional Cards in Wi-Fi mode, then talk to the person to the left of Anko.
Sasuke Uchiha – Win a Wi-Fi match, then talk to the person to the left of Anko.
Temari – Get a “Jonin” rank on the “Anki Vs. The Wind User” mission.
The Fifth Hokage (Tsunade) – Play 20 rounds in Wi-Fi mode.
Zabuza – Win 100 matches in Special Survival in Ibiki’s mission.

Snake Sword:
To get the Snake Sword for 0 Ryo, get a “Jonin” rank in the Jumite “Eternal Evil” mission. The Snake Sword gives you 105 Attack.

Toad Blade:
The Toad Blade gives you 120 Attack, and is the strongest sword in the game. It can be bought in Tazunaka Town for 180,000 Ryo.

Easy Ryo:

To easily gain Ryo, when you have Kankuro or Temari, make one of them your team leader. Go to the location where you had to make 100 Shadow Clones in the Valley Of Great Evil. Fight until you get the desired amount of Ryo.

Anbu Vest:

To get the Anbu Vest worth 10,000 Ryo, get a “Jonin” rank in the “Anbu Move Out!” mission in Kumite mode.

Easy experience:
To easily gain experience, complete the game. Have Might Guy as the squad leader, the character you want to level up as alternate, and anyone desired as the two other characters. Go to the area where the Haze ninjas are located. Put the ninja you want to level up as alternate.

Scrolls Jin Gi Rei Chi Shin:
You can get each scroll by going through each high speed map, getting the frog and all the scrolls.

Movie theater:
You can increase your morale at the Movie theater. The following are some people who like to go together. Make sure you go to sliver if marked with (s). There are various combinations including in make out paradise.

Sasuke and Sakuras
Sasuke and Ino (s)
Sasuke and Kakashi (s)
Guy and Lee (s)
Shikamaru and Choji (s)

Super ninja:
When you get Anbu, give him or her all the Chinese medicine pills and lots of Ninjutsu cards

Drag character while walking glitch:
Move your stylus very slowly next to your character and drag him.

Naruto using Ultimate Rasengan and Sasuke using Dark Chidori glitch:
Have a normal Naruto unleash the Nine Tailed Fox Chakra. Have one member on the squad summon something. When the summon is defeated, Naruto will return back to normal, however his Jutsus are different. He has Ultimate Rasengan and Nine Tailed Fox Healing for the rest of the fight. You may do the same with Sasuke, except use Unleash Curse Mark, summon something, and Sasuke shall have most of his normal Jutsu and Dark Chidori. This is useful for tricking opponents on WiFi.

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