Delete data:
To delete your saved data., hold L R A B X Y at the Nintendo logo.


Unlock the following bonuses at the specified locations by getting the corresponding numbers of owners points:

Boxer – Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Boxer breed at the kennel.
Shih Tzu – Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Shih Tzu breed at the kennel.
Shetland Sheepdog – Get 4,000 owner points to unlock the Shetland Sheepdog breed at the kennel.
Toy Poodle – Get 8,000 owner points to unlock the Toy Poodle breed at the kennel.
Desktop room – Get 6,000 owner points to unlock the Desktop room (costs $20,000) in the interior decorator.
Northern European room – Get 40,000 owner points to unlock the Northern European room (costs $5,000) in the interior decorator.
Outer Space room – Get 18,000 owner points to unlock the Outer Space room (costs $100,000) in the interior decorator.
Ranch room – Get 25,000 owner points to unlock the Ranch room in the interior decorator.
Seaside room – Get 12,000 owner points to unlock the Seaside room (costs $50,000) in the interior decorator.
Urban Living room – Get 25,000 owner points to unlock the Urban Living room in the interior decorator.
Balloon – Get 300 owner points to unlock the Balloon.
Jump Rope – Get 300 owner points to unlock the Jump Rope.
Natural Dog Food Bag – Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Natural Dog Food Bag.
Pull Rope – Get 300 owner points to unlock the Pull Rope.
Windup Toy – Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Windup Toy.

Linking to unlock new breeds:
When linking copies of Nintendogs to unlock new breeds,you can only link with another Nintendo DS system once. The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner’s current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.

Easy owner points:

To easily gain owner points, play with a disc, ball, etc. Each time your dog gets it, call it over. When they come, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He or she should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. Repeat as desired.

Easy items:
To easily get items, take your dog for a walk and have another accessory to change into. Try to go in as many “?” boxes as possible before you go to the park. As soon as you put the line into the park, go home. Go through your walk as normal, getting items, meeting dogs, etc., until you reach the park. Once you get to the park, go directly to “Accessories”. Change your dogs accessories immediately, then tap “Back”. The message “Saving: Don’t Turn Off Power” should appear. After it is done saving, turn off the power. Turn it back on, and you will still have all the items collected, and can go for another walk.

Easier training:
When teaching your dog to sit, do not say “sit down”, just say “sit”. By doing this, when you teach it “lay down”, it will not get confused. When teaching it to shake, do not say “shake”. Instead, say “shake hands”. By doing this, it will not get sit confused with shake.

More trick and competition opportunities:

Your dog can only learn a certain amount of tricks a day, while the same goes for competitions. To get additional chances at tricks and competitions, change the system date to to the previous day and set the time to 23:59. Exit the menu and turn off the DS. Immediately turn it back on and load the game. You will see the previous day and time shown. After one minute it will be an entire new day, allowing more tricks to be taught and competitions to be won. This can earn you more money if you win the competition. When you want to follow the normal order of things, just set the date and time back to the correct values.

Getting money:
To easily gain money, go on a lot of walks and get as many question marks as possible along the way. Then, go to the second hand store and sell all the items you do not want or your dogs you do not like. Some items are less then a dollar, but the amount adds up if you continue doing this. Additionally, when going out for walks, it is best to feed and give your dog water just before you go. By doing this, instead of your dog finding trash, they will be much more likely to find presents. You will see a white box with red ribbons around it. Try walking slow because you cannot go backwards. Touch it with the stylus. Your dog will bring it to you. These items are the ones that are worth more. The tri-color ribbon is worth ten dollars, and the Moai Statue is worth one hundred dollars.

Secret shedding records:

Take your dog for lots of walks and you will eventually find an item called “Secret Shedding Record”. This item plays strange music when you activate it from the music icon in your supplies menu. There are four records in the game; these are extremely rare.

Finding items:
While walking on the sidewalk, tap the floor and your dog will look and sometimes find an item. Also while walking your dog, there will be a question mark on almost every walk that is not illustrated on the map. When you see it on the touch screen take your dogs leash and drag your dog to the present. It will be a present or garbage that your dog should not eat.

Determining “?” box content”
When you find a “?” box during a walk, if you dog barks once, then it is a present; if it barks twice, it is another dog. Additionally, if you find a present wait until the dog runs off the screen. If it turns white, it will be a trainer. If it does not, it is a present.

Raising more than three dogs:
The Dog Hotel cam hold up to five dogs. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, making it possible to raise up to eight dogs.

Disc competitions:
For speed, get a Boxer. For high jumping, get a German Shepherd.

Bowser Kart:
While on a walk, search for it in the presents that are not visible on the map. When you get it, listen closely to hear a peculiar song.

While on a walk, you can find a Marine, Clover, and Marble Clock. Clover Clocks bring good luck.

While on a walk, search for the “?” and you might find a dartboard. Note: It can also be used as a flying disc.

Deer Antlers:

While on a walk, get as many “?” as possible to sometimes find “Deer Antlers”. You can set them on your dog’s forehead and can be found in “Accessories”.

Dictionary Box:
While on a walk, look for a “?”. If you get a Dictionary Box, it will say that it sounds familiar. The sound will be what you recorded on the White Record.

Fireman’s Hat:
During the day, if you hear a fire engine siren, take your dog out for a walk and collect as many “?” boxes as possible to possibly receive an item called the “Fireman’s Hat”. You will get Dalmatians at the kennel once you get this item. Note: You can also borrow the Fireman’s Hat from a friend that has Nintendogs: Dalmatian And Friends.

Flower “Waltz” Record:
If you find the Flower “Waltz” Record on a walk, try it at home and your dogs will then dance to the music. However, if you go on Bark mode, your dogs and the other dog will dance together without doing the special surprise at the ending.

You can sell globes for $30 at the secondary shop.

Gold Bar:
While on a walk, you have a rare chance of getting a valuable item called the “Gold Bar” as a “?” mark. At the secondary shop, it can be sold for $2,000.

Jack Russell Terrier book:
To increase the chance of finding the Jack Russell Terrier book, put on a Knit Hat and go on a walk. Note: Make the Clover Clock your clock to increase your chances.

Leather Shoe:
While on a walk, you can find a Leather Shoe. Some dogs like to chew on it to relax while others will bark at it as if they are scared.

Lions Mane:
While on a walk, you can find the Lions Mane, a brown mane that goes around your dog.

Lucky Collar:
While on a walk, try to get to lots of “?” boxes. You might get a Lucky Collar. When given to one of your? to wear, your walk meter will get higher than usual.

Luigi hat:
Go to the edge of town and look for “?” blocks that are presents to possibly get a Luigi hat, which is named Green Hat.

Moai statue:
The Moai statue can be sold for $100.

Mario hat:
While on a walk, you can find a Red Hat in one of the question marks. The Red Hat is Mario?s hat.

Mario items:
-While on a walk, you can get a Mario hat, a Luigi hat, a rubber mushroom (from Super Mario Bros.) and a “?” block (from Super Mario Bros.).

-When you get home, take out the mushroom and throw it to hear a song from the original Mario Bros.

-While on a walk, you may find a Mario theme music box. Play the Mario theme song on it by spinning the crank with the stylus.

Meteorite:Go on a walk at night, to have a chance of finding a Meteorite, which is worth $150.

Naptime Record:
While on a walk, you may find a rare Naptime record.

New Year’s Tiara:
Set the date to December 31st or January 1st to have New Year’s Tiara possibly appear in a “?” box while on a walk. It makes a peculiar sound when you put it on your dog.

Pearl Necklace:
While on a walk, get as many “?” boxes as you can to possibly find a collar that is listed as the “Pearl Necklace”, which sells for $10.

Piggy Bank:
While on a walk, you might find a piggy bank. You can either sell it for $2.00 or throw it to break it open for a random amount of cash.

Promise Ring:
While on a walk, you may find a Promise Ring, which is worth $1,000.

Pumpkin Leather Collar:
Set the date to October 31st to possibly find a Pumpkin Leather Collar that randomly appears in a “?” box while on a walk.

RC helicopter:
While on a walk, you may find an RC helicopter as one of the question marks. To control it, hold A to take off, the D-Pad to maneuver, and L to change the camera view. Note: RC helicopters sell for $200.

Santa Claus’s Hat:
To get a free Santa hat in your accessories, set the system date to December 25th.

Shower Cap:
While on a walk, get as many “?” boxes as possible to maybe find an item called the “Shower Cap”. This can be used as a disc.

Stuffed Dog:
While on a walk, if find a Stuffed Dog, go to the second hand shop and sell it for worth $50.

Talking Bird:

Occasionally you can find a talking bird in the discount shop. Take it out and press the button to speak into the microphone and say a message to your dog(s). Most will bark at it as if they are frightened, while some dogs will actually play with it. Note: The parrot will repeat your recorded message quickly, so say it slowly.

While on a walk, you may find a rather common item named “Vase”. Throw it to your dogs to break it and make a random amount of money appear, similar to the piggy bank.

Weird Alien:
While on a walk, get as many “?” boxes as you can to possibly encounter a very rare item called the “Weird Alien?, which sells for $600.

Rare presents hints:
While on a walk, pass all the “?”s in the corners on the screen. The farther the item is away from your house, the higher chance that it will be something rare.

-To have your dog run away and bring you back a rare present, first get your dog in very good condition. Then, leave your game on without playing it for about one hour or until your dog runs away and brings you back a present.

-Set the system date to your birthday, then go out for a walk and try to go through all of the “?” marks that are near your house.

-To get better presents, get your dog in a good mood by feeding, washing, brushing, or playing with him or her.

Other treats hints:
When a bone or light bulb appears while training your dog, use the stylus to drag it over its mouth to feed it to them.

-While interacting with your dog at home, give it enough love by petting and scratching it to have a golden dog bone of light appear. Give it to your dog as a bonus treat.

Cheaper supplies:
Go to the discount shop closest to the bottom of the map to find times $1 to $2 cheaper.

Pikmin easter egg:
You can see a Pikmin enemy on the shelf inside the pet supply shop.

Advanced tricks hint:
Most advanced tricks must be done with voice commands. Do not pet your dog while the trick is in process or else the dog will assume that the teaching process is over.

Disc training hints:
-Go to the park, and repeatedly train your dog until you get a message. To train it, use a Frisbee, tennis ball, rubber bone, or stick.

-After you throw a bone, Frisbee, stick, or tennis ball while playing fetch in the park or home, retrieve the item by tapping the screen at least five times to get their attention. Then, play a tug-o-war until you have it again.

-Get a small dog, like a Chihuahua or Yorkie, to ensure very fast speed for the disc competitions, .

-Get a Shetland Sheepdog for the disc competitions since they can keep up with the disc no matter how hard you throw it.

-Inside your home, train with your dog until it gets five discs in a row. Pet your dog every time it catches so it learns to catch the disc better. Also, throw the disc straight so it?s easier to catch. Afterwards, go to contests and disc competitions. Note: You can only play three games a day.

-Use a Dalmatian for the disc competition since they run fast and jump high. Alternately, use the Jack Russell terrier, which goes fast but catches the disc on the ground.

Agility training hint:
Go to the gymnasium and train your dog on the agility course, which changes with each contest you win.

If you want a dog that jumps high for the agility trials,? get a big dog like a Lab or Golden Retriever.

Obedience training hints:
Have your dog repeatedly do a trick until a message appears. Name the trick to have the dog do the trick every so often. Keep teaching it the trick until it performs it the first time you call it. Note: Dogs can only do so much training in one day. For more training, wait for the next day.

-When teaching your dog to fetch, every time it brings back the item from tapping the screen, pet it until sparkles appear. Then, take the item and throw it over again. After repeating this a number of times, your dog will bring back the item automatically and make the contest easier.

Training locations:
There is a specific training area for each contest; disc competition at the park, agility at the gymnasium, and obedience at an empty park or house.

Competition courses:
Each competition has five courses: beginners, open, expert, master, and championship.

Easy competitions hint:
Save the game before any competition and, if the outcome was not as you expected, turn off the Nintendo DS. If you like the result, keep playing. If you turned off the game, turn it on and resume just before the competition.

Best competitions:
The best competitions to do are the Agility trials since first place in the championship earns you $1,000.

Losing contests:
Getting below a certain score for certain classes of contests will result in dropping a class.

Avoid losing ranking:
Before entering competitions, save the game and if you do badly, turn off the before the competition ends to avoid any ranking loss. Note: The leader’s score will change.

Learn lots of tricks:
Go to “Care” and read the training book to see how to do different tricks. Read one and memorize it, then, go back and do each step to your dog. Tap on the light bulb in the corner and say the trick repeatedly until it says the dog has learned a new trick.

Training with multiple dogs hint:
When you have more than three dog in your home and want to train a dog, but are having difficulty because of the others, find a Naptime record and put it on. As soon as your dogs are asleep, wake up the one you want to train to have an easier time.

Delete tricks:
On the camera view of your dogs, tap the question mark under the dog’s picture to bring up a screen with the dog’s information on it, such as name, age, gender, etc. Tap the button at the bottom to go to the “Trick List”, then tap on a trick and tap “OK” for the dog to forget that trick. Note: You can re-teach the dog the same trick and name it all the same.

Back flips:
-Teach your dog to sit and jump, then, while sitting, tell it to jump to have your dog do a back flip.

-Get your dog to lie on its back, then tell your dog to jump to make it perform a somersault in the air.

-First, try to find the “Flower Waltz” record and have your dog(s) dance to it. The last move your dog(s) will perform will be a back flip, and you?ll be able to teach your dog(s) back flip by doing this. Note: There are moves in this dance. Also, this doesn?t work in Bark mode.

-After your dogs do extremely well at the disc competitions, throw a slow but high disc to make your dog jump, catch it, and do a back flip in the air.

-If you find a shower cap, throw it to your dog and when they catch it in their mouth, they will do a back flip.

Be quiet hint:
Go to the keyboard (if available) and set your camera on a certain dog. Play the keyboard. When you stop, and if the dog stops barking, a light bulb will appear in the corner. Select it, then say “Be quiet”.

Begging hint:
Rub your dog on the chest and drag up. Also, tell your dog to beg, then quickly to spin and it should beg in circles.

Break dance hint:
Make your dog roll over and, while it is on its back, tell it to spin. Your dog should spin around on his back and look like it?s break dancing..

Butt waddle hint:
Make your dog roll over and, while it is on its back and is showing its stomach, pet near its hind legs to make it wiggle its butt.

Dance hint:
While your dog is begging, grab one of its paws and pull it up slowly. Then, whenever your dog is begging, you can teach your dog the trick.

Dog hang hint:
Earn the pull rope and take it out, then wait for your dog to bite it. If you quickly slide the rope up while it is biting, one of two things may happen. It will either let go, or the dog will hang on the rope. To stop, release the rope or swing the rope around until the dog loses its grip and goes flying.

Kung Fu flip hint:
Once your dog can roll over and jump, tell it to roll over then quickly have it jump. It should flip forward onto its legs, resembling a Kung Fu-style move.

Footwag hint:
Touch one of your dog’s hind legs to sometimes make it wag. Try touching the other leg if one doesn?t work. If it still does not work, try it when your dog wags its rear at you to make it stop and wag its foot.

Hand stand hint:
While your dog is lying down, tell it to beg and your dog should do a handstand.

High five hint:
When you brush your dog’s hair, touch their front paw with your stylus and drag it up, then let go and its paw will shake for about five seconds.

Hopping hint:
Have your dog do a little jiggy dance, then tell it to jump and it will start hopping.

Howling hint:
Occasionally at night, a neighbor dog will bark and your dog will “howl” back. When he does this, tap on your dog’s picture and a light bulb will appear. Then, teach it howl. Note: You only have to teach him three or four times to learn the trick.

Jump lying on its side hint:
Tell your dog to lay on its side and then say jump.

Jumping hint:
Repeatedly tap the stylus above the dog’s head to have it jump. Note: The dog will most likely jump if it consistently waging its tail.

Lying down hint:
While your dog is sitting, stroke its head from top to bottom until it lies down.

March in circle hint:
While playing the Colonel Bogey record, your dog(s) will march around in a circle until the music stops. Note: Don?t let them do this often or they will grow hungry and thirsty.

Rolling over hints:
While lying on the floor, move the stylus on its body in a horizontal motion (left to right, or right to left) to have it roll over.

Scare your dog:
Make your dogs sleep using the Naptime record, then quickly play the Surprise record. When it gets to the really loud note, the dogs will jump up very scared.

Scratching hint:
When your dog turns around, touch one of its hind legs to make it scratch itself. While he is doing that, tap on the light bulb and say “Scratch? and drag the light bulb that appears above his head to his mouth.

Seizure hint:
To make your dog look like it is having a seizure, have it roll over (do it manually) until it is in a half roll position, then grab its ear for a few seconds. Do this multiple times until your dog gets very angry and starts bouncing on its back and acting crazy.

Shaking hint:

Grab your dog’s paw while it is standing or sitting and move it up and down.

Sitting hint:
Stroke your dog’s head from top to bottom until it sits.

Sneezing hint:
When the dog is staring at you, touch its nose and it will sneeze. When the light bulb appears, click on the name and say “sneeze”. Repeat this and it will learn sneeze. Note: This can be done while sitting, standing, and laying down.

Sniffing hint:
Put your dog by the camera and it might bend down and sniff. Hit the light and say “sniff? repeatedly and it might learn sniff.

Spinning hint:
Grab your dog’s tail and hold it in front of its face to make it run in a circle, chasing its tail.

Spinning collar:
Once your dog learns “sit”, tell it to do so, then pet the dog on the head from side to side. The collar will look like it?s spinning.

Hop while standing:
While your dog is standing, say jump.

Standing up hint:
After learning beg, lift its paw up and make it stand on its hind legs.

Statue Of Liberty hint:
make your dog sit, then pull up its hand until it looks like she or he is the Statue of Liberty.

Turning in circles while standing hint:
Command your dog to beg or stand and, once its on its hind legs, tell it to run in a circle.

Walking on two legs hint:
Make your dog stand on its hind legs, then put the stylus on his leg and drag up to make it stand. Afterwards, put its paw to the area that the training icon is located to make it walk on its hind legs.

Paw wave hint:
While the dog is sitting, hold an ear back and dog will wave its paw.

Yelping hint:
When you acquire the piano, play one note at a time and the dog will ?yelp” each time. Note: This works better with more than one dog.

Trainer information:
The name registered on your Nintendo DS will show? as the owner’s name, including your date of birth. You can change your picture to one of the eight avatar pictures.

Walking your dog more than one time a day hint:
-You can only walk your dog once every 25 minutes. Before walking your dog, wait 25 minutes with the game on, in sleep mode, or off. Also, the dog won?t be very active during the day if it stayed awake all night.

-To walk your dog(s) without having to wait , take your dog for a walk and run into as many “?” boxes as possible. Then, take your dog to the park and change your accessory. Once the game auto-saves, turn off the Nintendo DS then turn it back on. You will be at your house and have all the items you collected, as well as be able to take your dog out for another walk. Repeat to get lots of items quickly and build up your dog’s stamina.

Running dog hint:
When walking your dog and it seems edgy, give the leash a little tug towards the way it is walking and the dog will start running.

Get your dog to play with another dog faster:
-When you find another dog while on a walk, drag your dog’s leash to the top right hand corner of the touch screen.

Avoiding unfriendly dogs hint:
Sometimes, when encountering other dogs, they won?t like each other. If you leave the dogs together, your dog will stop liking you. The following are signs of dogs that dislike each other: the dogs tackle each other; the dogs chase each other around repeatedly; the bongo drum sound is played very fast in the background.

Curiosity hint:
To know if you are going to be curious about a dog, the dog will most likely stay in one place then move to another spot on the screen. Note: This trick isn?t perfectly accurate but will normally be correct. Notice this behavior whenever you meet a dog.

Question marks on the map hint:
While marking out where you will go on the map, try to get as many question marks as you can along the way. There could be either other dogs or gifts that your dog would find with each question mark.

Blue circles on the map hint:
While walking your dog, blue circles represent places to go to the bathroom.

Dog never goes to the bathroom hint:
Use the following trick if you hate waiting for your dog to go the bathroom every few steps. When your dog starts sniffing to go the bathroom (as he is walking over to the spot sniffing), pull the leash to the upper right corner to make the dog keep sniffing for a few seconds before continuing the walk.

Longer walks hint:
Mark out the path on your map and end it at the house. If your last few steps end at the house, wait 25 minutes so your dog can go slighter further on the next walk. Note: Make sure to give your dog water after every walk.

Finding dogs on walks hint:
When mapping out a route to the park, to see if there are any other dogs, look for a dog icon.

Different colored dogs:
At the pound, pick a breed to be given three choices for the dog’s coloring (light, medium, and dark). If you don?t see the color you want, tap “Back”, then tap on the breed again until the color and/or gender that you want with the dog appears. Repeat until you see what you want.

Beautiful coat hints:
-For a beautiful coat, give your dog a bath when the dog’s information page for coat reads “Clean”. Your dog will also like you more. Also, when you wash it, apply the soap, then rinse. Then, apply the soap again and rinse again.

-When bathing your dogs, scrub them down quickly with the sponge and wash them off. Wash them again with the soap sponge and the suds should be white. Your dog will be as clean as it can be. Note: Leave at least a soap sud on your pet or else the trick will not work and you will have wasted one shampoo.

-Wash your dog with the Long-haired Shampoo or Short-haired Shampoo and, before you wash all the suds off, brush your dog immediately after you are done. Note: Your dog will not need another bath for 24 hours, or even 48 hours if you are lucky.

Slowly floating dog hint:
Buy the Outer Space Room for $100,000 and play Frisbee in it. When your dog jumps to catch it, he will slowly float back down as if in space

Hear Archie’s Duck:
Occasionally, while at your house or taking a walk, you will hear a duck quacking. Note: This is very likely Archie Hubbs’ duck that he mentions sometimes in competitions.

Hear a cow:
Occasionally you will hear a cow moo when you are taking a walk. Note: This happens usually at the corner of the map; meaning there is probably a farm/pasture there.

Hear a train:
Rarely, when you are in the park training your dog, you will hear a train whistle.

Blow up balloons:
Take out a balloon from the “toys” section and blow into the microphone. The balloon will inflate and, once it takes up more then the whole screen, it pops.

Raising more than three dogs hint:
The Dog Hotel can hold up to five dogs at a time. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, which means that you can raise as many as eight dogs.

Getting more dogs hint:
First, go to bark mode with someone that has a different Nintendogs game type. When you go to bark mode for the first time, one of you will get a new dog in their kennel. Delete each other from your friend lists, then go to bark mode again to possibly get a new dog in the kennel.

Get dog in good mood hint:
To get your dog into a good mood, go out for a walk and wait until your dog barks twice, meaning there is another dog. After the person says the information, say “Play” into the microphone to make your dog go closer to the other dog and play with him or her. If the music sounds peaceful, it means your dog has played with the other dog. If the music does not sound peaceful, it means the other dog is fighting you. Note: If you meet an unfriendly dog, leave.

Knock dogs over:
If you find a meteorite on a walk, take it out and throw it at your dogs to make them fall over.

Refilling food and water hint:
Note: This only works with multiple dogs. When you put out some food and water and your dogs consume it, tap the icon on the touch screen that lets you put the item away. Then, tap it again and you will now have a full bowl of food and water for your dogs. This sometimes also works for milk, and dry and wet dog food. Note: This doesn?t always work.

Jumping over bathroom spot hint:
Just when you?re hitting a bathroom spot, run and pull the leash up to make your dog jump over the spot where it goes to the bathroom.

Singing dogs:
When you have a keyboard, you can play notes and your dog barks along. If you want your dog to learn a song, click on the camera to the left of the touch screen, then play the song. When done, tap the light bulb that appears and name the song. Note: Dog can only remember fifteen notes per song.

Less grumpy dog hint:
Put your dogs to sleep with the “Sleepytime” record to put them in a better mood than usual. Wake them by doing one of the following actions; stroking them, throwing a toy in the room, hitting them with a Peach Kart, or with the “Surprise” record.

Slow motion glitch:
Your dog will sometimes go in slow motion when meeting another dog on a walk. It might stay this way for the rest of the walk.

Record rotation hint:
When playing any record, spin it clockwise and the needle will go towards the center. If you spin it counterclockwise, the needle will go towards the edge. Note: spinning it counterclockwise m makes a scratching noise and there is no music.

Hovering dog glitch:
To get your dog to hover, take it for a walk and go to a “?”. Just as your dog is about to bark and run into it, make it jump to watch it bark and run to the “?” while in mid air.