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Pangya: Fantasy Golf Cheats

Unlockable characters:
Unlock the following characters by beating the corresponding levels in Story mode:

Arin – Beat Arin’s Level 1.
Azer – Beat Azer’s Level 1.
Brie/Cadie – Beat Arin’s Level 2.
Cecilia – Beat Cecilia’s Level 1.
Cien – Beat Cieni’s Level 2.
Dark Titan – Beat Kooh’s Level 2.
Kaz – Beat Kaz’s Level 1.
Kooh – Beat Kooh’s Level 1.
Lola – Beat Azer’s Level 2.
Max – Beat Max’s Level 1.
Minti – Beat Kaz’s Level 2.
Pipin – Beat Nuri’s Level 2.
Quma – Beat Hana’s Level 2.
Tiki – Beat Max’s Level 2.
Titanboo – Beat Cecilia’s Level 2.

Unlock the folloiwng Papels by purchasing the corresponding pieces of clothing:

Gray Rabbit – Purchase 40 pieces of clothing.
Panda – Purchase 80 pieces of clothing.
Striped – Purchase 20 pieces of clothing.
Yellow/Dog – Purchase 60 pieces of clothing.

Tour mode rings:
To unlock the following rings, select Pangya Tour mode, then choose License mode. Then, beat all the corresponding challenges in each course:

Accuracy Ring II – Beat the Sepia Wind challenges.
Accuracy Ring III – Beat the Wind Hill challenges.
Control Ring II – Beat the West Wiz challenges.
Control Ring III – Beat the Wiz Wiz challenges.
Curve Ring – Beat the Blue Lagoon challenges.
Expert Ring – Beat the White Wiz challenges.
Power Ring II – Beat the Blue Moon challenges.
Power Ring III – Beat the Deep Inferno challenges.
Spin Ring – Beat the Pink Wind challenges.

Golden Twin Feather golf clubs:
To unlock the Golden Twin Feather golf clubs, win all the tournaments.

Special trophy:
To unlock the Special trophy, win all the tournaments.

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