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Rhythm Heaven Fever Cheats

Unlockable 2-Player Endless Games:
Unlock the following two-player games by earning the corresponding number of Duo Medals:

Bossa Nova – Get 8 (all) Duo Medals
Clap Trap – Get 1 Duo Medal
Kung Fu Ball – Get 4 Duo Medals
Mochi Poundingq – Get 2 Duo Medals
Pirate Crew – Get 6 Duo Medals

Unlockable Endless Games:
Unlock the following games by performing the corresponding tasks:

Endless Remix – Get Perfects on all 50 games
Lady Cupid – Get 32 Medals
Mr. Upbeat – Get 3 Medals
Munchy Monk – Get 23 Medals
Wake-Up Caller – Get 11 Medals

Unlockable Extra Games:
Unlock the following games from the original GBA game Rhythm Tengoku remastered! by earning the corresponding number of medals:

Power Calligraphy – Get 41 Medals
Sneaky Spirits – Get 38 Medals
Tap Trial – Get 44 Medals
The Clappy Trio – Get 35 Medals

Unlockable Rhythm Toys:
Unlock the following rhythm toys by earning the corresponding number of medals:

Hi-Hat – Get 14 Medals
Police Call – Get 7 Medals
Rhythm Fighter – Get 21 Medals
Toy Car – Get 1 Medal

Police Call Words:
In the game there is a toy named Police Call that requires at least 7 medals the unlock. This toy allows you to input a word and if you input the correct word, you’ll receive an odd call, mostly consisting of sounds heard throughout the game. Find the following words by searching the corresponding locations:

STAFF – Not found in game, must use the Rhythm Heaven Fever trailers to find this one
MATCH – Mr. Upbeat (after you start the fifth set, the light on Upbeat’s head will grow and show a letter at a time)
BOUTS – Wake-Up Caller (after you finish the first set of flowers it will show one letter at a time)
BIRDS – Munchy Monk (during the game at any point it will be on boards, one letter at a time)
SEESAW – Kung Fu Ball (when you have to punch the ball, a truck might pass by with it)
GOLFHERO – Pirate Crew (after the third trip, it will show itself in parts on the bridge, two letters at a time)

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