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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Cheats


Bronze trophies

Super Trooper – Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level.
Determined Do-gooder – Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level.
Intrepid Adventurer – Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level.
Fearless Front-Facer – Complete all chapters on Normal.
Sizzling Century Mark – Defeat 100 enemies.
Gorgeous Gold Grabber – Web of Challenges – Obtain All Gold Medals for a Chapter.
Ambitious Arachnid Acquirer – Obtain 1/4 of the Golden Spiders.
Superb Spider Searcher – Obtain 1/2 of the Golden Spiders.
Alchemaxed Out! – Buy all Combat Upgrades.
Gold Standard – Buy all Character Upgrades.
Super-Suited Swinger – Obtain all Alternate Suits.
Furious Fist Fighter – Execute a 50-hit combo.
Hundred Hit Hero – Execute a 100-hit combo.
Infinite Slugger – Execute a 200-hit combo.
Fantastic Five Hundred – Collect 500 Orb Fragments.
Survivor Supreme – Complete Session 3 or later without dying.
Jack Of All Attacks – Perform 3 of each type of Grab Attack on enemies.
Airborne Assailer – Perform 3 of each Air Attack on enemies.
Hammer Slammer – Damage enemies with Roundhouse Spin and Web Hammer 10 times each.

Silver trophies
Master Of All You Survey – Complete all chapters on Hard.
Spider Slugger Supreme – Defeat 500 enemies.
Mighty Medal Master – Web of Challenges – Obtain All Gold Medals for an Act.
Excellent Emblem Enthusiast – Collect 1000 Orb Fragments.
Collector Detector – Collect 2000 Orb Fragments.

Gold trophies
Consumate Completist – Web of Challenges – Obtain All Gold Medals.
Spider Snagger Supreme – Obtain all Golden Spiders.

Platinum trophy
Spider-Man: Edge of Time Platinum – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

(Additionally there are twenty one secret trophies.)

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