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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HD Cheats

Developer team picture:
To see a picture of the team, press the following at the main menu: R2, CIRCLE(5), SQUARE.

Unlock all Levels:
Select your profile to play off line and solo or co-op. Then, at the main screen hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and press SQUARE(5) followed by CIRCLE(5).


Bronze trophies
Art of Unseen – Do not be detected throughout a mission
BSOD – Shutdown 10 computer terminals
Bushido – Save and Capture otomo
Cold Duty – Sacrifice the Pilots as per order
Darkside – Disable 40 electronics using the OCP
Dead Man Hanging – Leave Morgenholt hanging
Dignity and Honor – Free Morgenholt
Dire consequnces – Eliminate Milan Nedich
Enhanced perception – Hack 10 terminals without scanning them
Final Cruise – Eliminate Lacerda
Good ol’ Pump-action – Take out 5 guards with the shotgun
Heat Waves – Snipe 10 enemies in Thermal mode
Knock, Knock-out – Knock out 5 guards by bashing doors
Life’s Edge – Neutralize 20 enemies with the combat knife
Not Today – Free yourself when captured
Price of Betrayal – Eliminate Douglas Shetland
Price of Friendship – Show mercy to Douglas Shetland
Silent Death from above – Take out 5 enemies by inverted neck grip
Topsy turvy – Take out 5 guards from ledge or over the rail
Unsung Hero – Perform acts of untold heroism in Seoul
Worms – Hack 3 retinal scanners

Silver trophies
Apple Pie – Complete the Penthouse mission
Cleaning Duty – Complete the Bathhouse mission
Cruise control – Complete the Cargo ship mission
Displacement – Complete the Displace mission
Fright of Neighbors – Complete the Battery mission
Money matters – Complete the Bank mission
Out of the Spotlight – Complete the Lighthouse mission
Plight of Neighbors – Complete the Seoul mission
Sentinel – Complete the game in Normal difficulty
The Star in the East – Complete the Kokubo Shosho mission
The Way of the Echelon – Complete the Hokkaido mission

Gold trophies
BlackOps Specialist – Complete the game in Expert difficulty
Greater Good – Achieve above 80% success rate in all missions.
Immune – Complete the game without using a medkit
Makes you feel alive – Complete the game in Hard difficulty without being killed more than 5 times

Platinum trophy

Splinter Cell – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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