Transformers: Dark of the Moon Cheats

Unlock Ratchet:
Press START, select “Extras”, then “Unlockables” to enter the following
cheat code and unlock Ratchet: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, START


Bronze trophies
Recruit – Survive 60 seconds in a public multiplayer match without being killed.
Power Surge – Use an active ability 5 times in a public multiplayer match.
I know what I’m doing! – Change into vehicle form before reaching the change form tutorial in Chapter I.
Boot Stomper – Kill 3 Enemies with Bumblebee’s Kick Ability in Chapter I.
Seek and Destroy – Kill 25 Enemies using Grenade Blossom in Chapter II.
Rule With an Iron Fist – Kill 20 enemies with Ironhide’s Melee attack in Chapter II.
Body Count – While holding out for Reynolds to send backup in Chapter III, 30 Decepticons are killed.
Good Driver Discount – Avoid taking any damage from Starscream’s proximity mines in Chapter III.
Serrated – Kill 10 Autobots with Laserbeak’s ram ability in Chapter IV.
Stunning! – Stun 10 Autobots with Soundwave’s stun ability in Chapter IV.
Homewrecker – Wipe out all secret base ground defenders within 60 seconds in Chapter V.
Furious Flyer – Fly through the canyons after Air Raid in 120 seconds in Chapter V.
Surprise Package – In the air battle, activate Starscream’s Guided Missile ability 5 times without dying in Chapter V.
Autobots are Weak! – Defeat all 3 waves in Megatron’s Lair without dying on Hard Difficulty in Chapter VI.
Overlord – Drain 5000 health from enemies in Chapter VI.
Fleet of Foot – When one Driller arm is attacking, avoid all attacks in Chapter VII.
Counting Coup – Use only melee attacks on Shockwave’s power core to make him retreat to his cryo platform.
Primed for Combat – Activate Optimus’ Shoulder Rocket ability 5 times without dying in Chapter VII.
Sacrifice – Be the first one eliminated in a public multiplayer match.

Silver trophies
Chapter I – Complete Chapter I on any difficulty.
Top Score: Bumblebee – Complete Chapter I with a score of 1000000 or more.
Chapter II – Complete Chapter II on any difficulty.
Top Score: Ironhide – Complete Chapter II with a score of 1000000 or more.
Chapter III – Complete Chapter III on any difficulty.
Top Score: Mirage – Complete Chapter III with a score of 800000 or more.
Chapter IV – Complete Chapter IV on any difficulty.
Top Score: Soundwave – Complete Chapter IV with a score of 1000000 or more.
Chapter V – Complete Chapter V on any difficulty.
Chapter VI – Complete Chapter VI on any difficulty.
Top Score: Megatron – Complete Chapter VI with a score of 2000000 or more.
Chapter VII – Complete Chapter VII on any difficulty.
Road Kill – Destroy 30 enemies while in vehicle form in Campaign.
Grenade Expert – Eliminate 20 opponents with the Flak Grenade in Campaign.

Gold trophies
The Champion – Reach level 20 in any single class in Multiplayer.
Prime – Complete the Campaign.
Completionist – Destroy all hidden TRANSFORMERS symbols in Campaign.

Platinum trophy
AllSpark – Earn all Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophies

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