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Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll Cheats


Bronze trophies
Boldan Rising – Dagda joins your party.
Destiny with a Darkenith – Selene joins your party.
Goblin Smasher – Win the Goblin Cup in the Arena.
Bane of the Undead – Win the Undead Cup in the Arena.
Arch Rune Fighter – Max out Rune Fighter skills.
Supreme Mighty Blow – Max out Mighty Blow skills.
Trickster Extraordinaire – Max out Trickster skills.
Faces of Vyashion – Unlock all character entries.
No Quest Too Small… – Complete over 70 quests.
Out for Blood – Defeat over 3,000 enemies.
Rags to Riches – Possess over 100,000 gea.
Blackjack Ace – Get a blackack in blackjack.
First Chapter Cleared – Clear the First Chapter.
Second Chapter Cleared – Clear the Second Chapter.
Third Chapter Cleared – Clear the Third Chapter.
Fourth Chapter Cleared – Clear the Fourth Chapter.
Master Arch Swordsman – Max out Arch Sword skills.
Maximum Negavanitia – Max out Negavantia skills.
Warrior Monk Adept – Max out Warrior Monk skills.
Impenetrable Chrome Heart – Max out Chrome Heart skills.
Lunar Shadow Eclipse – Max out Lunar Shadow skills.
Nosferatu Matriarch – Max out Nosferatu skills.
Arch Sword Apprentice – Obtain the Arch Sword soul.
Minimum Negavanitia – Obtain the Negavanitia soul.
Warrior Monk Novice – Obtain the Warrior Monk soul.
Solid Chrome Heart – Obtain the Chrome Heart soul.
Lunar Shadow Crescent – Obtain the Lunar Shadow soul.
Neophyte Nosferatu – Obtain the Nosferatu soul.

Silver trophies
Giant Killer – Win the GIant Cup in the Arena.
Dragon Slayer – Win the Dragon Cup in the Arena.
Soul Harvester – Max out all skills.
Vyashion Historian – Unlock all story entries and contents.
Bestiary Professor – Unlock all monster entries.
Medal Madness – Gather over 100,000 medals.
Path to Glory – Achieve over level 30 with all characters.
Five Card Charlie – Get a 5-card Charlie in blackjack.
No Stone Left Unturned – Travel to all dungeons and cities.

Gold trophies
Warriors Unrivaled – Achieve level 99 with all characters.
Fifth Chapter Cleared – Clear the Fifth Chapter.
Down with the Dragon King – Defeat the Dragon King.
Labyrinth Mastermind – Complete Leonique’s Labyrinth.

Platinum trophy

Ultimate Soul Bearer – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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