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Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code Cheats

Easy start:
Start a new game and make your way through the sewers and go all the way to the hidden monastery. Sell all of your items, except for the equipped weapons and armor. Then, restart the story. Doing this two times should result in about 2,000 to 3,500 gold. When you have a desired amount of gold, make your way back to the monastery and talk to the merchant. Sell items that are not needed as usual to make a little extra gold, then select “Buy”. If the merchant does not have what you want, leave and re-enter and the available items for sale will change.

Easy experience and items:
In the Abhornet Bulwark stage, you can go to any of them to feed them. However, one of the two must stay alive. When you are killing the spiders to fill the bulwark, there is an invisible line that makes the spiders come out. You can step back and fourth or move in a mini-circle to spawn spiders. Note: Make sure to save frequently.

Duplicate items:

Note: This trick requires two players in Adhoc mode. Start a Co-op Campaign game. Have the player with the highest level and more overall value in gold join the game after the player that is to get items or gold creates and hosts the game. Have the highest level player drop all their items then quit the game. The lower level player can now pick up the items and sell them for gold, or use them. The higher level player can reload their saved game and regain the dropped items. Note: The player hosting cannot leave the game or it will end for both players and the items dropped on the ground will disappear.

Sword of Bliss:
To obtain the sword of Bliss without having to complete all the chapters, go to the monestary and stand in the middle then press X, CIRCLE, L, R, L, R, L, R, SQUARE, TRIANGLE. The sword will appear in your inventory. It inflicts1000 Damage and has the ability to do insta-kill.

Unlimited Health:
To get unlimited health, go to the start menu and hold down R and L then press CIRCLE(3).

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