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Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgment Cheats

Bonus battle maps:
Unlock the following bonus battle maps by performing the corresponding tasks:

Avery Fields – Examine the well at the top of the Church of Restoration during your second visit.
Foreign Quarter – Examine the barrel to your left at the start of the Biruni University stage.
Four Swordsman Spring – Examine the hollowed out tree at the dry riverbed.
Gillbaris Gardens – Examine the skeleton on the opposite side of the central tree
from the chest in the Timion Vale mission.
Halls Of Atonement – Examine the king’s throne in the Royal Courtyard.
Keliask’s Tomb – Examine the glimmering tablet on the ground in the ancient ruins.
Ragnar’s Gorge – Examine one of the crates during the mission in Tolby.
Trivishim’s Corridor – Use the second mine cart in Dread to open up a cave entrance.
Wanderlust – Beat all story and optional battles two times.

Hidden treasures:
For the maps with hidden treasures, you must obtain the treasure on the first playthrough of the map. Otherwise, on a second attempt of the map, the treasure will be downgraded to easily obtainable items such as Hide Caps, Mage Oils, and Herbs.


Bronze trophies

Explorer – Discover an optional battle maps.
Quick Learner – Raise a single skill two ranks in one battle.
Revelations – Finish Act I.
Royal Defender – Finish Act III.
Sandworm Slayer – Finish Act II.
Treasure Hunter – Find a hidden item on any battle map.
Zero Casualties – Win a battle with 6 surviving team members.

Silver trophies

Combat Mastery – Raise a combat skill to rank 40.
Serenity and Fury – Earn both endings to the game.
Champion of Sostegaria – Finish Act IV with the Altyria ending.
Hero of Sostegaria – Finish Act IV with the Luce ending.

Gold trophies

Wanderlust – Discover all battle maps.

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