Wii Fit Cheats

Ultimate Balance Test:
To play the Ultimate Balance Test, first select a Mii. At the statistics screen, select the balance board character running on the treadmill in the background.

Easy coins:
At the “Balance Mode Games” menu, select “Marble Drop Game”. On the first challenge, you will receive one coin for every one minute of game play. Allow the time to run out and fail the challenge to receive a coin. Repeat the challenge as many times as desired to earn easy coins.

Advanced activities:
Unlock the following activities by performing the corresponding tasks:

Balance Bubble – Complete Balance Bubble on the Beginner setting.
Free Jogging – Complete the Island Lap several times.
Free Step – Play Step Plus Aerobics several times.
Snowboarding Slalom – Accumulate two hours of total game time.
Step Plus Aerobics – Play Step Aerobics several times.
Tightrope Advanced – Complete Normal Tightrope.
Tightrope Super Advanced – Complete Advanced Tightrope.

Fit Money bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by accumulating the corresponding amounts of time in your fit piggy bank.

Rhythm Boxing(aerobics)- 1 hour 40 minutes
Super Hula Hoop(aerobics) – 30 minutes
Balance Bubble(balance) – 1 hour
Penguin Slide(balance) – 1 hour 30 minutes
Snowboard Slalom(balance) – 2 hours
Tightrope Tension(balance) – 15 minutes
Zazen(balance) – 3 hours

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