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Wii Play Cheats

Laser Hockey alternate paddle:
To use an alternate paddle in Laser Hockey, simultaneously press A B before the timer starts.

Shooting Range Dual Wii-Motes:
You can enable a second Wii-Mote in a Single-Player game in the Shooting Range by pressing any button with the second Wii-Mote.

Platinum medals:
Earn a platinum medal in the following events by performing the corresponding tasks:

Billiards – Earn 63 points
Charge – Score 325 points
Find Mii – Reach the 100th stage
Fishing – Score 2,500 points
Laser Hockey – Score 16 goals and win the match
Pose Mii – Earn 1,000 points
Shooting Mange – Earn 600 points
Table Tennis – Return the ball 200 times without missing
Tanks – Beat the first 20 levels, then replay and beat the game that will now have 100 levels.

Control score display:
To skip the scores after the game hold A. To pause it, hold B.

Find Mii: Different Mii:
When you are playing the Find Mii mini-game, every time that you are asked to find the different Mii or Miis, start to point every Mii. If at any moment you are pointing to a Mii but instead the Mii in front of that one stands up, that one is the different one.

Laser Hockey: Gold medal:
To earn the gold medal you must score at least ten while winning the game.

Shooting Range: Easy points:
When you are shooting, go for the birds first. At level 2 you can gain extra points by shooting the target when it has a shape in the middle. At the last level, get the golden UFOs. This can get you 5 points.

Mii movements:
Select your Mii at the main menu to make it do different things. If you select its right arm, it will give you a thumbs up. If you select its left arm, it will wave. If you select its head, it will shake it. If you select its torso, it will jump. If you select its right leg, it will lift it up along with its hands. If you select its left leg, it will act as if it is about to fall.

After you first reach the finish line on Stampede, go to the Wii Play main menu. In the background, you will see other Miis that are on your Wii walk across the screen. They may do the things that the Mii you are using does when you click on different parts of the body. A few might fly across with a swimming-like motion. The only “click action” the background Miis do not do is the one where their eyes temporarily become round.

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