X360 Cheats

XBox 360 – Age of Empires Online Cheats

Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCK Sphinxed! (40 points) – Build the Sphinx in your Capital City.Tomb Dweller (40 points) – Build the Tomb in your Capital City.Pyramid Power (40 points) – Build the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.I HAS A HORSEY (40 points) – Build the Trojan Horse in your Capital City.Ssssssssh! (40 points) – Build the Library in your Capital City.This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! (40 points) – Build the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.Raging Rusher (15 points) – Complete “Master of Faster!” with premium Egyptian content.Sandbiscuit (15 points) – Complete “The Ultimate Camel Gauntlet Test” with premium Egyptian content.Lord of the Nile (15 points) – Complete “Fall of Nubia” with premium Egyptian content.The Son

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