X360 Cheats

XBox 360 – Blitz: The League II Cheats

Touchdown celebrations:Perform the following Touchdown celebrations by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons after scoring a touchdown:TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION – BUTTON SEQUENCEAir Traffic – X, Y, X, B.Back It Up – X, B, Y, B.Ball Spike – A(3), B.Beer Chug – A(2), B(2).CPR – Y(2), B(2).Dance Fever – Y(3), A.En Garde – B(3), X.Get Down – B, A, B, Y.Golf Putt – A, X, Y, B.Grenade – A, X, B, Y.Gunslinger – A(2), B, A.Hand Exchange – B(2), X, A.Helmet Fling – A, X, A, X.Knighted – A(2), Y, X.Knockout – X(2), Y(2).Man Crush – X(3), Y.Nut Shot – Y(2), B, A.Pinned – Y, X, B, A.Proposal – B, X, B, A.Pylon Darts – A, B, A, B.Pylon Kick – B, A(2), B.Tango – Y, X, A, X.The Fiddler – Y, X(2), Y.The Pooper – Y, X, A, B. NFL easter eggs:-There is a player named Packrat Jones on the New England Regulars, whose real life counter-part is NFL superstar Pacman Jones. There are also speculations that the New England Regulars are cheating in a game, which is a spoof of the New England Patriots cheating against the Jets in the actual NFL.-The “Pitbull Revenge” trophy, where you have to injure Mike Mexico in the prison game, is actually a reference to Michael Vick

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